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  1. The Lucky Moose Dec 9, 2018
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    The Lucky Moose

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    Notable things about my list this year: a lot of R&B, a lot of women in the top 15 (Jay Z as part of The Carters being the only man in the top 5), a lot of music from non-English speaking countries (including 3 in the top 5), arguably no mainstream Hip Hop (unless you count The Carters and Pusha T), and no Grime/UK Rap/Garage/Jungle album on my list (despite their prominence on my song playlists).

    10 - 15, Ranked

    01. Lary - Hart Fragil (R&B, Germany)
    02. Mariah Carey - Caution (R&B)
    03. Rosalía - El Mal Querer (Flamenco/Pop/R&B, Spain)
    04. The Carters - Everything Is Love (R&B/Hip Hop)
    05. Bad Gyal - Worldwide Angel (Reggaeton/Dancehall/Pop/R&B, Spain)
    06. Gavlyn - Headspace (Hip Hop)
    07. Drangsal - Zores (Post-Punk/New Wave, Germany)
    08. Evidence - Weather Or Not (Hip Hop)
    09. Ruston Kelly - Dying Star (Country)
    10. Curse - Die Farbe Von Wasser (Hip Hop, Germany)
    11. Frank Sinatra - Standing Room Only* (Jazz)
    12. Scotty McCreery - Seasons Change (Country)
    13. Rola - 12:12 (R&B, Germany)
    14. MihTy - MihTy (R&B)
    15. Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet (K-Pop/R&B, South Korea)

    16 - 25, Unranked

    August Greene (Common, Robert Glasper, Karriem Riggins) - August Greene (Hip Hop/Jazz/R&B)
    Teyana Taylor - K.T.S.E. (R&B)
    Black Milk - Fever (Hip Hop)
    Joel Ortiz & Apollo Brown - Mona Lisa (Hip Hop)
    Pusha T - Daytona (Hip Hop)
    Masta Ace & Marco Polo - A Breukelen Story (Hip Hop)
    NIKI - Zephyr (R&B, Indonesia)
    Bun B - Return Of The Trill (Hip Hop)
    Tiny Moving Parts - Swell (Emo)
    Ice Cube - Everythang's Corrupt (Hip Hop)

    Note: Given their placements on my past lists, I wanted to point out that I have not listened to the YG album yet, I haven't had any real time with the Good Charlotte album, I just wasn't a fan of the Kacey Musgraves album, and Kanye's Ye gets an honourable mention because I only loved half of it which isn’t enough for a 20 minute album to make the list.

    *Specifically disc one, “Live At The Sands Hotel And Casino (1966)” with The Count Basie Orchestra.
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  2. xapplexpiex

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    In order
    1. The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
    2. The Wonder Years – Sister Cities
    3. Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures
    4. Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz
    5. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour
    6. Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears
    7. Pianos Become the Teeth – Wait For Love
    8. Joyce Manor – Million Dollars to Kill Me
    9. Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2
    10. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer
    not in any order
    11. Foxing – Nearer My God
    12. BTS – Love Yourself: ‘Answer’
    13. BTS – Love Yourself: ‘Tear’
    14. Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy
    15. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
    16. Now, Now – Saved
    17. Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Behavior
    18. Mitski – Be the Cowboy
    19. Thrice – Palms
    20. Basement – Beside Myself
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  3. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    The lack of Meg Myers in this thread is really sad haha.
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  4. dotKev

    i miss sports.

    FWIW I've been going back and listening through all of my favorite albums trying to make my top-10, and I'm not really sure if she will crack it. I loved the album when it first came out - and it's still great - but I just think this has really been a strong year for a ton of different artists.
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  5. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    Yeah but looking at some lists of 40 or more from some people here that didn't have her and then seeing some that did make those same lists haha :poop:
  6. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    She's so slept on it's disappointing. I'm betting a lot of people here haven't even given the album a listen.
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  7. maryp1603

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    1. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Upside Down Flowers
    2. Trophy Eyes - The American Dream
    3. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness
    4. The XCERTS - Hold on to Your Heart
    5. CAMP COPE - How To Socialize and Make Friends
    6. Yungblud - 21st Century Liability
    7. Panic! At The Disco - Pray for the Wicked
    8. WSTR - Identity Crisis
    9. The Story So Far - Proper Dose
    10. Snail Mail - Lush
    11. Warm Thoughts - I Went Swimming Alone
    12. Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
    13. Foxing - Nearer My God
    14. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream
    15. Lucy Dacus - Historian
    16. nothing,nowhere. - Ruiner
    17. Silent Planet - When The End Began
    18. Tiny Moving Parts - Swell
    19 S. Carey - Hundred Acres
    20. Culture Abuse - Bay Dream
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  8. teebs41

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    No eve????
  9. teebs41

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    Thanks kevo!!!
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  10. Damien Davies

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    Top 20 Music of 2018:
    1. Mayday Parade - Sunnyland
    2. The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
    3. Matthew Thiessen & The Earthquakes - Wind Up Bird
    4. William Ryan Key - Virtue / Thirteen
    5. Death Cab For Cutie - Thank You For Today
    6. Tash Sultana - Flow State
    7. Matt Nathanson - Sings His Sad Heart
    8. Eager Seas - Mine As Well
    9. The Rocketboys - Come Home
    10. Luca Brasi - Stay
    11. Dave Grohl - Play (this is probably cheating, but it’s a 23 minute song so like c’mon. Give me this.)
    12. DZ Deathrays - Bloody Lovely
    13. Hussey - Hitchens
    14. Basement - Beside Myself
    15. Foxing - Nearer My God
    16. Thrice - Palms
    17. Typhoon - Offerings
    18. Can’t Swim - This Too Won’t Pass
    19. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness
    20. The Body Rampant - RMPNT
    (honourable mention: The Living End - Wunderbar)

    Best Movie of 2018:
    (honourable mention: Bohemian Rhapsody)

    Best Game of 2018:
    Spider-Man (PS4)

    Best TV Series of 2018:
    Unsolved (Netflix)
    (honourable mention: Bodyguard (Netflix))

    Some notes:
    I hated Incubus' 8 when it came out in 2017 but this year It's been on constant rotation for me.
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  11. mattfreaksmeout

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    Eve? I’m not even sure what that is am I missing out on an album I should love?
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  12. AWasteOfATime Dec 10, 2018
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    1. Foxing - Nearer My God
    2. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities
    3. The Aces - When My Heart Felt Volcanic
    4. Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed?
    5. Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else
    6. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
    7. The Story So Far - Proper Dose
    8. The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
    9. Hellogoodbye - S'only Natural
    10. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-
    11. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love
    12. Saves The Day - 9
    13. Turnstile - Time & Space
    14. Now, Now - Saved
    15. Mitski - Be The Cowboy
    16. Justin Courtney Pierre - In The Drink
    17. Camp Cope - How To Socialise and Make Friends
    18. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness
    19. Boygenius - Boygenius
    20. Joyce Manor - Million Dollars To Kill Me
    21. This Wild Life - Petaluma
    22. Jukebox The Ghost - Off To The Races
    23. Poppy - Am I A Girl?
    24. Fall Out Boy - MANIA/Lake Effect Kid EP
    25. Ariana Grande - Sweetener
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  13. The Black Parade Dec 10, 2018
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    The Black Parade

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    Gonna up my list to a top 40 and including notable EPs/Deluxes/Oddities, because this year has been too good

    1. Andrew McMahon- Upside Down Flowers
    2. Hawthorne Heights- Bad Frequencies
    3. Alkaline Trio- Is This Thing Cursed?
    4. Coheed And Cambria- The Unheavenly Creatures
    5. Senses Fail- If There Is Light, It Will Find You
    6. Trash Boat- Crown Shyness
    7. The Sonder Bombs- Modern Female Rockstar
    8. John Nolan- Abendigo
    9. Thrice- Palms
    10. Light Years- Afterlife

    Honorable mentions (11-40)

    11. All Get Out- No Bouquet
    12. Beartooth- Disease
    13. Real Friends- Composure
    14. mewithoutyou- [untitled]
    15. Out Of Service- Morning
    16. Mike Shinoda- Post Traumatic
    17. Mitski- Be The Cowboy
    18. Sevendust- All I See Is War
    19. Trophy Eyes- The American Dream
    20. Even The Trees- If Only Every Day Could Be Like This
    21. Basement- Beside Myself
    22. Cecil Frena- The Gridlock
    23. Underoath- Erase Me
    24. Carb On Carb- For Ages
    25. Tiny Moving Parts- Swell
    26. Toy Cars- Paint Brain
    27. Stand Atlantic- Skinny Dipping
    28. Ogikubo Station- We Can Pretend Like
    29. Pianos Becomes The Teeth- Wait For Love
    30. Boston Manor- Welcome To The Neighbourhood
    31. Spanish Love Songs- Schmultz
    32. Black Foxxes- Reioi
    33. Architects- Holy Hell
    34. Hopesfall- Arbiter
    35. Foxing- Nearer My God
    36. Emery- Eve
    37. Brian Fallon- Sleepwalkers
    38. The Creeps- Beneath The Pines
    39. Colour & Shade- Colour & Shade
    40. Emecia- Familiar Spirits

    EPs, Deluxes & Oddities

    1. boygenius- boygenius
    2. Harsh Lights- Overthinking
    3. William Ryan Key- Thirteen
    4. AFI- The Missing Man
    5. Silverstein- The Afterglow/Aquamarine Acoustic
    6. Jimmy Eat World- Love Never/ Half Heart
    7. William Ryan Key- Virtue
    8. Starset- Vessels 2.0
    9. New Found Glory- Makes Me Sick Again
    10. Bayside- Acoustic Volume 2
  14. St. Nate

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    Can't wait to share with you all my "Omg I really really like these 20188" List
  15. Kevin360

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    Actually, I think Tate Chasers - Taint is my album of the year.

    What’d you think about it @Jason Tate?

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  16. St. Nate

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  17. Spenny


    Seeing all the love for Fickle Friends in here got me to check their album out and I fucking love it.

    I may need to do a revision to my list at the end of the month with some adjustments.
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  18. fixius

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    1) The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
    2) twenty one pilots - Trench
    3) mewithoutYou - [Untitled]
    4) Mac Miller - Swimming
    5) Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats - Tearing At the Seams
    6) Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
    7) Lord Huron - Vide Noir
    8) Born Ruffians - Uncle, Duke & the Chief
    9) Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
    10) Panic! At the Disco - Pray For the Wicked
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  19. Matthewconte Dec 10, 2018
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    Hi people. In the year of our lord 2018, I got married and started a new job and moved to Kensington, Philadelphia. Our first dance was almost “Book Of Love” by the Magnetic Fields before it actually became “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell. My mother chose the slow version of “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan & The Band for our dance together. I met Courtney Marie Andrews at XPNFest in Camden and Katie Pruitt at Boot & Saddle. I got to see my best friend on tour with Allen Stone. We saw Gang of Youths twice (snuck my underage brother in both times), Gaslight Anthem in Asbury Park, Ruston Kelly, Japandroids on what was their last headlining show of the tour, Katie Toupin on her first solo tour, Houndmouth twice, Lake Street Dive in New Haven, Paul Simon’s farewell tour, Taylor Swift and her on-the-fly antics after a malfunction at Lincoln Financial Field, Diet Cig, Josh Ritter close down XPNfest and probably some more that I’m forgetting. So, it seems it was a good year for music. Here’s some of my favorites:

    1. Lake Street Dive - Free Yourself Up
    2. Ruston Kelly - Dying Star
    3. Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
    4. Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers
    5. Glorietta - Glorietta
    6. Brandi Carlile - By the Way, I Forgive You
    7. The Night Game - The Night Game
    8. Public Access TV - Street Safari
    9. Mt. Joy - Mt. Joy
    10. Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
    11. Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
    12. Lori McKenna - The Tree
    13. Rhett Miller - The Messenger
    14. Houndmouth - Golden Age
    15. The Longshot - Love is for Losers
    16. Dawes - Passwords
    17. The Decemberists - I’ll Be Your Girl
    18. Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel
    19. Kyle Craft - Full Circle Nightmare
    20. Haley Heynderickx - I Need To Start A Garden
    21. Brent Cowles - How To Be Okay Alone
    22. First Aid Kit - Ruins
    23. The Aces - When My Heart Felt Volcanic
    24. Leon Bridges - Good Thing
    25. Camila Cabello - Camila
    26. Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus
    27. Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough
    28. The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
    29. Caroline Rose - Loner
    30. Amanda Shires - To The Sunset
    31. Jeff Tweedy - WARM
    32. Death Cab For Cutie - Thank Your For Today
    33. Liz Cooper & The Stampede - Window Flowers
    34. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
    35. Colter Wall - Songs of the Plains
    36. Oh Pep! - I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…
    37. King Tuff - The Other
    38. The Lemon Twigs - Go To School
    39. Okkervil River - In The Rainbow Rain
    40. Robyn - Honey


    “Good Kisser” by Lake Street Dive
    “May Your Kindness Remain” by Courtney Marie Andrews
    “Once In My Life” by the Decemberists
    “Psycho Star” by King Tuff
    “60 & Punk” by Death Cab For Cutie
    “My Mind’s a Ship That’s Going Down”
    “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco
    “Modern Love” by Houndmouth
    “Jersey on the Wall (I’m Just Asking” and “Somebody’s Daughter”
    “Lincoln Creek” and “Someday” by Glorietta
    "Keep A Little Soul" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    “A Little More” by Alessia Cara


    Katie Toupin - Moroccan Ballroom
    Tenille Townes - Living Room Worktapes
    Hozier - Nina Cried Power
    Katie Pruitt - OurVinyl Live EP
    Boygenius - Boygenius

    Other things

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - An American Treasure
    The Old 97s - Love The Holidays
    Neil Young - Songs For Judy
    Shovels & Rope - Predecessors
    Uncle Tupelo - No Depression Rarities
    The Gaslight Anthem - ’59 Sound Sessions
    Various artists - Love, Simon (Soundtrack)
    Paul Simon - In The Blue Light
    Gang of Youths - MTV Unplugged

    2017 albums I listened to for the first time in 2018 and really enjoyed

    Susto - & I’m Fine Today
    David Ramirez - Watching From A Distance
    The Weeks - Easy
    Jon Latham - Lifers

    And finally, what I'm looking forward to in 2019

    The Jason Isbell-produced Josh Ritter album

    The full-length Katie Toupin album

    New Shovels & Rope

    New Jason Isbell

    New Avett Brothers

    Sara Bareilles
    Vampire Weekend
    Jade Bird
    Carly Rae Jepsen
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  20. swboyd

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    I'm too lazy to separate out EPs/LPs/splits/demos this year and rank them, but here's my list:

    Spanish Love Songs - "Schmaltz"
    Tragedy - "Fury"
    Candy - "Good to Feel"
    Six Brew Bantha - "Blight"
    Turnstile - "Time and Space"
    UADA - "Cult of a Dying Sun"
    Mindforce - "Excalibur"
    Backslider - "Death Residue"
    Fickle Friends - "You Are Someone Else"
    Cult Leader - "A Patient Man"
    Khemmis - "Desolation"
    Mutilation Rites - "Chasm"
    Converge - "Beautiful Ruin"
    Battering Ram - "Let Me Fight Where I Lay"
    Big Bite - "s/t"
    Mammoth Grinder - "Cosmic Crypt"
    Noose Rot - "The Creeping Unknown"
    Phrenelith - "Ornamented Dead Eyes"
    Regional Justice Center - "World of Inconvenience"
    Sargeist - "Unbound"
    Teenage Wrist - "Chrome Neon Jesus"
    Thrice - "Palms"
    Thou - "Magus"
    Vein - "Errorzone"
  21. adding The 1975 and River Whyless to "albums that would have made my list if I had waited a couple weeks"
  22. DesolateEarth


    I'm gonna need a bit more time with some releases before I post mine!
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  23. Eclipse


    Favorite thing about this thread is seeing what albums i may have missed/had slip by this year
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  24. irthesteve

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    We gotta start going to shows together, my list has a ton of crossover with yours
  25. sophos34

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    my list will be posted here shortly
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