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  1. estacey99

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, everything is terrible.

    1. Circa Survive – The Amulet

    2. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely

    3. Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights

    4. Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile to the Surface

    5. Turnover – Good Nature

    6. The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

    7. Enter Shikari – The Spark

    8. The Contortionist – Clairvoyant

    9. Citizen – As You Please

    10. Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

    11. Real Estate – In Mind

    12. Paramore – After Laughter

    13. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

    14. Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

    15. Alvvays – Antisocialites

    16. Movements – Feel Something

    17. The National – Sleep Well Beast

    18. August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem

    19. Pvris – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

    20. Lorde – Melodrama

    21. Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark

    22. Fleet Foxes – Crack Up

    23. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

    24. Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins

    25. Counterparts – You’re Not You Anymore

    26. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

    27. Glassjaw – Material Control

    28. Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 1+2

    29. Sleep On It – Overexposed

    30. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 3 (Because I'm the wooorssttttt)
  2. Dave Diddy

    I've been out looking for where the light went

    Might have some tweaking to do but this is pretty close to a final (in no order):

    Gang of Youths - Go Farther In Lightness
    Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps
    David Ramirez - We're Not Going Anywhere
    Jeffrey Martin - One Go Around
    Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights
    John Moreland - Big Bad Luv
    Ruston Kelly - Halloween
    Will Hoge - Anchors
    Caroline Spence -Spades and Roses
    The Menzingers - After The Party
    Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
    Richard Edwards - Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset
    Hodera - First Things First
    Tyler Childers - Purgatory
    Jade Jackson - Gilded
    Can't Swim - Fail You Again
    The National - Sleep Well Beast
    Travis Meadows - First Cigarette
    Movements - Feel Something
    Natalie Hemby - Puxico
  3. Letterbomb31 Dec 3, 2017
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    1. Brent FaiyazSonder Son
    2. Milo - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!
    3. GlassjawMaterial Control
    4. dvsnMorning After
    5. Daniel Caesar - Freudian
    6. Manchester OrchestraA Black Mile to the Surface
    7. MiguelWar & Leisure
    8. Phoebe BridgersStranger in the Alps
    9. BrockhamptonSaturation
    10. SZACtrl

    11. SminoBlkswn
    12. The NationalSleep Well Beast
    13. Sabrina ClaudioAbout Time
    14. SydFin
    15. Moses Sumney - Aromanticism
    16. Snoh Aalegra - Feels
    17. The War on DrugsA Deeper Understanding
    18. SamphaProcess
    19. Laura MarlingSemper Femina
    20. Iron & WineBeast Epic
  4. marioeatworld

    Keep on moving. Busy street.

    I need some more time to think about this.
  5. SoCoWilderNeSs Dec 3, 2017
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    My list will look different than the ones I’m seeing thus far. This is good - it gives me plenty of things to listen to. I love going through these lists and listening to everything I haven’t heard!

    Okay here we go:

    1. Awaken I Am - Blind Love

    This album and band came out of nowhere for me. I had never heard of the band nor had I ever listened to any of their previous work. I had signed up for a free trial of Apple Music a few days earlier and was adding music to my library when I randomly came across this rocker of a record, during a less than inspired cardio workout. Within the first minute of the first track I was jumping around and singing along with the chorus like I had heard the song a million times. Each track thereafter for the entire record had a similar effect. For the sheer reason that this was my top workout and most listened to record of 2017 I had to place it atop my list and I do so without doubt or regret.

    2. Carousel Kings - Charm City

    I didn’t want to rank THIS album by THIS band THIS high but as I wrestled with this list I realized if I moved this any lower down the list I’d be lying to myself. Is this a groundbreaking album filled with can’t miss artistic lyrics and profound melodies that will blow your mind? No. Is this album a nonstop energetic, charismatic, catchy, fun, upbeat joyride worth blasting out from your Beats and into your ears - oh yes. This has NFG level catchy songwriting with surprisingly impressive and tight riffs, hooks and guitar work interwoven throughout the album. For a pop-punk band these guys can shred. The vocal performance is solid and there is no letdown track. I really have no complaints aside from being able to truthfully say there is nothing new about this band. They just do what they do and they do it well. Is there really anything wrong with that?

    3. Picturesque - Back to Beautiful

    I’ve seen plenty of lists with Circa Survives “The Amulet” ranked at #1 and this album nowhere on the list at all. This baffles me. I put this band in the Saosin/Circa mold for some reason I cannot exactly figure. That said, they aren’t a copycat and they really don’t sound much like either of the above mentioned bands. High quality vocals, driving guitars, choruses catchy enough to bounce around in your car to but not too catchy to where they get stuck in your head and take away from what they do best fill this record from top to bottom. There isn’t a sleeper in the bunch.

    4. Neck Deep - The Peace and the Patience

    This is just a fun album. I’m probably ranking it higher than I should because tracks like Happy Judgement Day and In Bloom got a lot of plays from me this year.

    5. Walk the Moon- What If Nothing

    I almost ranked this as high as #2. I know nothing about this band or their first two released but I was surprised and blown away by this album. Tracks like “Tiger Teeth” are timeless. I am definitely curious about the rest of their discography.

    6. Story of the Year - Wolves

    I remember seeing SOTY at Warped Tour at Randall’s Island, NY. I was one of maybe a dozen people at the small side stage they played their set on. It was early on near the beginning of the day. They played some of their soon to be bigger hits off of Page Avenue and I knew they’d blow up. Since Page Avenue though I haven’t connected with SOTY quite the same until now, almost. I really am enjoying this new record.

    7. Thomas Rhett - Life Changes

    Say what now? A pop country record? Another surprise for me. My wife is big into the country music scene and she told me about this awesome love story. Guy and Girl grow up good friends dating other people. Guy and Girl nearly marry other people. A family member tells guy that he better tell girl how he feels or he will for him. Guy and girl end up together, marry young and guy then gets famous.

    Guy and girl struggle to get pregnant so they adopt a girl from Uganda but then have a miracle pregnancy of their own and go from no kids to 2 kids. This is the love story of Thomas Rhett and his wife. Life indeed changes. Sometimes music hits you in the feels and makes you smile. My wife told me this love story because we have a love story of our own which I’ll keep to myself. Listen to perhaps my favorite track of the year if you will, it’s the title track of this record.

    And all the rest:

    Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness - Zombies on Broadway

    Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter

    Silverstein - Dead Reflection

    Grayscale - Adornment

    ROAM - Great Heights & Nosedives

    I the Mighty - Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go

    Thousand Below - The Love You Let Too Close

    Otherwise - Sleeping Lions

    Taylor Swift - Reputation

    Paramore - After Laughter

    Seaway - Vacation

    Incubus - 8

    The Front Bottoms - Going Grey

    PVRIS - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

    Kesha - Rainbow

    Prophets of Rage - Prophets of Rage

    Rise Against - Wolves

    The Movielife - Cities In Search of a Heart

    Palisades - Palisades

    Nothing More - The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine


    1. Amy Shark - Night Thinker

    2. Echosmith - Inside a Dream

    Sparks the Rescue - When It Thunders
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  6. elemenohpe

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    Half of your list fell in my 31-50 (which I didn't post - just felt like too much). A few overlaps in our top 30's too. Good picks all around!
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  7. Peter Thorn


    PEOPLES OF NORTH AMERICA. You need to get Jamie Lenman's Devolver in your life, as it's my album of the year by far. Listen to the track Mississippi.

    Also, much agreement with others on here.

    Afghan Whigs - In Spades
    Hundredth - RARE
    Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound
    Meat Wave - The Incessant
    Citizen - As You Please
    Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms
    QOTSA - Villains
    Bronx - V
    Protomartyr - Relatives In Descent

    The order keeps changing, so I present my list for your delectation then bugger off. Toodle-oo!
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  8. elemenohpe

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    I do. Please share.
  9. incognitojones Supporter

    I saw them in a small jazz art space, great show. But also one of the Chicago sax guys I know was backing her up on horns with his group, I don't think they're on this tour, so it'll be a different experience.
  10. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Here is my current standings, don't expect any changes unless a big surprise release happens.

    1. Story of the Year-Wolves
    2. The Menzingers- After The Party
    3. Paramore- After Laughter
    4. Portugal The Man- Woodstock
    5. The Front Bottoms- Going Grey
    6. Circa Survive- The Amulet
    7. Manchester Orchestra- A Black Mile to the Surface
    8. Silverstein- Dead Reflection
    9. Seaway - Vacation
    10. Gorillaz- Humanz
    11. Rise Against- Wolves
    12. The Flatliners- Inviting Light
    13. Julien Baker- Turn Out the Lights
    14. Comeback Kid- Outsider
    15. August Burns Red- Phantom Anthem
    16. Foster the People- Sacred Hearts Club
    17. Anti-Flag- American Fall
    18. Broken Social Scene- Hug of Thunder
    19. Blink 182- California DLX
    20. Stone Sour- Hydrograd

    Honorable Mentions:
    Nine Inch Nails- Add Violence
    The Dear Hunter- All is All As it Should Be
    Sparks the Rescue- When it Thunders
    Death from Above- Outrage is Now!
    Lights- Skin & Earth
    The Movielife- Cities in Search of a Heart
    Goldfinger- The Knife
    Queens of the Stone Age- Villians
    Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold
    Linkin Park- One More Light
    Our Lady Peace- Somethingness Vol.1
    Bleachers- Gone Now
  11. The Black Parade

    Now I Know This World Isn’t Spinning Just For Me Supporter

    Year End album List:

    Story Of The Year- Wolves
    Blink-182: California Deluxe
    Silverstein: Dead Reflection
    Foo Fighters: Concrete And Gold
    All That Remains: Madness
    Paramore: After Laughter
    Linkin Park: One More Light
    New Found Glory: Makes Me Sick
    Starset: Vessels
    Flogging Molly: Life Is Good
  12. ineverlose Dec 3, 2017
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    1 - Colter Wall - Colter Wall
    2 - The Menzingers - After the Party
    3 - Steve Moakler - Steel Town
    4 - Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface
    5 - Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home
    6 - Turnpike Troubadours - A Long Way From Your Heart
    7 - Noah Gundersen - White Noise
    8 - Tyler Childers - Purgatory
    9 - Chris Stapleton - From a Room Vol 1
    10 - Kuckle Puck - Shapeshifter
    11 - John Mayer - The Search for Everything
    12 - Fleet Foxes - Crack Up
    13 - Paramore - After Laughter
    14 - Chris Stapleton - From a Room Vol 2
    15 - Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3
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  13. St. Nate

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    what does he do tho?
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  14. jols

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    1. mount eerie - a crow looked at me

    honorable mention

    wild pink - wild pink
    great grandpa - plastic cough
    los campesinos! - sick scenes
    julien baker - turn out the lights
    rozwell kid - precious art
    rainer maria - s/t
  15. alexmacwilliam

    Listen to The Local Wave podcast @thelocalwave

    1. Body Origami “Bright & Only Mine”
    2. Drab Majesty “The Demonstration”
    3. Converge “The Dusk In Us”
    4. SZA “Ctrl”
    5. The National “Sleep Well Beast”
    6. Hazel English “Just Give In/Never Going Home”
    7. David Bazan “Care”
    8. Kendrick Lamar “DAMN.”
    9. Lo Tom “Lo Tom”
    10. Bully “Losing”

    Joey Bada$$ “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$”
    Code Orange “Forever”
    Paramore “After Laughter”
    Julien Baker “Turn Out The Lights”
    Cyhi The Prynce “No Dope On Sundays”
    Glassjaw “Material Control”

    1. Calvin Harris “Slide” (ft. Frank Ocean & Migos)
    2. Body Origami “Sunny Pry”
    3. Brian Brown “Roger & Zapp”
    4. Lo Tom “Overboard”
    5. Now, Now “Yours”
    6. The National “This System Only Dreams In Total Darkness”
    7. SZA “Doves In The Wind” (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    8. Converge “I Can Tell You About Pain”
    9. David Bazan “Care”
    10. Kesha “Praying”

    1. Lauryn Hill at The Ryman
    2. Radiohead at Phillips Arena
    3. U2’s The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour at Papa John’s Stadium
    4. Mewithoutyou’s A to B Life Anniversay Tour at Mercy Lounge
    5. Sigur Ros at TPAC
    6. Kesha’s Rainbow Tour at The Ryman
    7. Jay z’s 4:44 Tour at Bridgestone Arena
    8. Drab Majesty at Exit/In
    9. Now, Now at Mercy Lounge
    10. Cove at That 70’s House (the first time in 2017)
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  16. bobsheiskawy

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    I just don't know why they should be left off because they gave everyone a nice Christmas present haha.
  17. cwhit

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    hell yeah
  18. thevheissu

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    the new glassjaw is definitely shaking my list up.
    as of now:
    1. Julien Baker - Turn Off the Lights
    2. Kendrick Lamar - Damn
    3. (This is were Brand New would go, but leaving it off for obvious reasons)
    3. Glassjaw - Material Control
    4. Movements - Feel Something

    And I have a bunch I still haven't listened to. Brand New kind of took over for me, and then news broke and I got really bummed out about music and the scene.
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  19. George

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    This year has maybe been a bit quieter than the past few for me. There's been a bunch of albums that I've liked a lot - but nothing that's felt like a 10/10 all-timer for me, which the last few years have had at least one.

    The National is probably my AOTY, will put together a list tonight maybe.
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  20. Laura

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    1. Taylor Swift - Reputation
    2. The National - Sleep Well Beast
    3. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
    4. The Front Bottoms - Going Grey
    5. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Nashville Sound
    6. Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life
    7. Emperor X - Oversleepers International
    8. Dua Lipa - Dua Lupa
    9. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory
    10. Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights
  21. dylan

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    This thread is what I use to catch up on everything I missed throughout the year
  22. George

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    Here's a relatively hastily put together list. These lists aren't gospel, I don't have to live and die with them, just a collection of albums I've enjoyed this year. Order is very rough, as I mentioned a post up, I don't have a clear, hands-down AOTY, so below is a bunch of albums that I like quite a bit. If anybody would like a RIYL or more info on any of them, let me know!

    1. The National - Sleep Well Beast
    2. The Menzingers - After The Party
    3. Asgeir - Afterglow
    4. Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life
    5. Dia Frampton - Bruises
    6. Conor Oberst - Salutations
    7. Jamie Lenman - Devolver
    8. Brand New - Science Fiction
    9. Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps
    10. Enter Shikari - The Spark

    11. Passion Pit - Tremendous Sea of Love
    12. Stormzy - Gang Signs & Prayers
    13. Arcane Roots - Melancholia and Hymms
    14. Tusks - Dissolve
    15. Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life
    16. Yuksek - Nous Horizons
    17. Adore // Repel - Empty Orchestra
    18. Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm
    19. Deafcult - Auras
    20. Tricot - 3

    21. Bjork - Utopia
    22. Daughter - Music Before The Storm
    23. Tei Shi - Crawl Space
    24. Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex
    25. Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound
    26. Allison Crutchfield - Tourist in this Town
    27. Captain, We're Sinking - King of no Man
    28. Converge - The Dusk In Us
    29. Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights
    30. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN

    31. Low Roar - Once In A Long, Long While...
    32. Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface
    33. Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
    34. Thomas Dybdahl - The Great Plains
    35. Madelline Kenney - Night Night At The First Landing
    36. LLLL - Chains
    37. The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light
    38. POS - Chill, Dummy
    39. Solstafir - Berdreyminn
    40. Four Tet - New Energy
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  23. Kiana

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    Demi's album ended up being a surprise for me this year. Sis lost a lot of goodwill with me over the last few albums but I think this one is a step in the right direction and her vocals are wild.
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  24. cwhit

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    best list so far because it's the only one to list the aoty

    good job
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  25. theagentcoma

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    The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension
    Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
    Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon
    Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
    Condor - Unstoppable Power
    Urn - The Burning
    Hellripper - Coagulating Darkness
    Darkest Hour - Godless Prophets & Migrant Flora
    Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead
    Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper
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