Member Compilations - TAKING BACK SUNDAY (Due Dec 10)

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    Tribute compilations featuring members of this site!

    Chorus.FM Member Compilations

    OUT NOW:
    01. Blink-182
    02. Blink-182 vol. 2
    03. Brand New
    04. The Early November
    05. Jimmy Eat World
    06. Thrice
    07. MIXTAPE: Originals
    08. MIXTAPE: '90s Hits
    09. MIXTAPE: Fall Music
    10. Modest Mouse
    11. MIXTAPE: Best of 2015
    12. MIXTAPE: Random Covers
    13. MIXTAPE: Originals vol. 2
    14. Motion City Soundtrack
    15. Weezer
    16. MIXTAPE: Summer Music
    17. Saves The Day
    18. Yellowcard
    19. MIXTAPE: Oldies
    20. The 1975
    21. MIXTAPE: Halloween
    22. The Hotelier
    23. Fall Out Boy
    24. MIXTAPE: Best of 2016
    25. Paramore
    26. Death Cab For Cutie
    27. MIXTAPE: No Boys Allowed
    28. Green Day
    29. Alkaline Trio
    30. MIXTAPE: Songs from the Screen
    31. Linkin Park
    32. Brand New vol. 2
    33. MIXTAPE: Originals vol. 3
    34. MIXTAPE: Fall Music vol. 2 NEW!



    Due date: December 10
    Release date: December 11

    - Call out up to 2 songs you want to cover. First come first serve.
    - E-mail your finished track to [email protected] by or before the due date.

    xhiemster - Great Romances of the 20th Century
    manoverboard365 - This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)
    Jesse West - El Paso
    js977 - Ghost Man on Third
    therookielot - ...Slowdance on the Inside
    Jdaniels - Bike Scene
    Jdaniels - Better Homes and Gardens
    aoftbsten - You Know How I Do
    aoftbsten - It Takes More
    JakeRabin - Tidal Wave
    elemenohpe & JakeRabin - Cute Without The "E" (Cut From The Team)
    elemenohpe - Sad Savior
    Damien Davies - My Blue Heaven
    TedSchmosby - Flicker, Fade
    Common Conversation - Follow the Format
    thewmaynes - Best Places To Be A Mom

    When there's a new compilation coming together, choose one or two songs to cover that are not already on the list above. Call out the one you want to do here in the replies. First come first serve. E-mail your finished track to [email protected]. Preferably as a WAV file, but anything works.

    I will keep this OP updated as often as possible with download links for the albums, as well as what I'm currently taking submissions for. So check back as often as you'd like.

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    subbin i case i decide to do one again
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  3. Wow. Lots people showing up for MCS.
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    subbin to contribute to things / listen. Brads the man for putting these together!
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  6. bradsonemanband

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    Thanks! I'm happy that people like contributing and listening to these.
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  7. Benjamin Lee

    "Pale Sulking White Boy"

    Well, I'm just going to assume this will sub me. haha Hopefully I can remember to go to this site instead of AP when the site is down.
  8. trevorshmevor

    and use a pretty font Supporter

  9. Damien Davies

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    Swung over just to sub to the thread
  10. Benjamin Lee

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    I am so confused. Is Brad popular enough for a knockoff account now? Hahaha
  11. Benjamin Lee

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  13. Benjamin Lee

    "Pale Sulking White Boy"

    But there's two in the thread. There's the original with "one" and another now with "on". The original also says " Frick." In their thing instead of "new user".
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    holy shit
  15. Benjamin Lee

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    Please tell me you see the same thing with the two Brad's. I'm starting to think I'm actually crazy. xD
  16. bradsonemanband

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    I am the real one. I would never say something is "sick." Haha

    There's an imposter amidst us!
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  17. Patterns in Traffic Supporter

    Checking in! I started my cover already and I'm hoping I'll have time to finish. Schedule is crazy busy the next few weeks, but I really want to be a part of this one.
  18. bradsonemanband

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    I started my cover last night, finally. I think I like the direction it's going in. We'll see how it unfolds as I keep working on it.
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    i reported the account. it's gone now
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  20. bradsonemanband

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    PS: When you guys e-mail me your tracks, PLEASE include your username from this new site. Thaaaanks!
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    You're a hero.
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    Thank god, that would've been so confusing.
  23. thetruthisvile

    I sing in Sarah and the Safe Word.

    Ayyyye! Just made the jump. Recording Capital H this weekend. :)
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  24. holypinto

    Was worried this wasn't happening anymore! Awesome that it is. Darn, "Son of a Gun" is super hard to sing, but the challenge is fun! Back to y'all soon :)
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    wait ayman you post here???
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