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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by xbrokendownx, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. PepsiOne

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    I’m in for probably my final year of fantasy football gotta make it count
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  2. jmwhit04

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    I don’t post here anymore really, and ironically I only logged in to check to see if this started yet. I’m in.
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  3. Randall Mentzos

    Fred's still my favorite

    Good to see the fam returning. Let's keep this competition close.
  4. PepsiOne

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    I haven’t paid attention to literally anything since the super bowl, so I don’t know anything about football right now and I’m gonna suck shit in this league
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  5. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    League has just been renewed.
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