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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by DarkestDayOfMan, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. dilleo


    Selling a pair of tickets to Incubus at the Sony Centre, Toronto, on October 15th. Section BALC11, Row M, Seat 76 - 77

    I paid just over $200 for both tickets, would like to get pretty close to face value.
  2. manoverboard365


    Got a pair of tickets for Sara Bareilles at Madison Square Garden on Sunday 10/13. Floor seats, Section F row 3. I'll sell as a pair or individually.
    I'll sell below face value!
  3. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    If anyone has a spare ticket for the Saves the Day shows in Anaheim or LA in November I'd gladly take it off of your hands. I was on the fence about these shows, and they sold out before I could get one. Now that Vinnie Caruana is opening at both of these shows after his LA date was cancelled, I'm kicking myself for not getting a ticket.
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  4. riotspray

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    looking for a ticket for Eric Andre in Dallas tomorrow night
  5. JaggySnake83


    I have a ticket for Cold at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago for Sunday and i can't go. Anyone wants the ticket? I'll give it away for free...
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  6. EOTCDXVI Oct 21, 2019
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    Selling 3 tickets to the Wonder Years and Trash Boat's New York show on Friday. I believe the show is sold out. I paid $34 each for them (including fees), will sell them for 30 each.

    Edit: Sold.
  7. FFABR


    Selling one ticket to the Wage War show in Austin next Monday. I paid $25 for it but will take $20. Thanks
  8. monrovian


    Have an extra ticket for the Wonder Years halloween show in Philly. Looks like I paid $38 after fees so just trying to get that back.
  9. summertimejesus

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    Anyone happen to have an extra ticket for Saves the Day/Hot Rod Circuit for 11/03 in Brooklyn this Sunday?
  10. lifestartsmusic

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    Selling two GA tickets to the 1975 at Camden for night 2. Just trying to make my money back on them, girlfriend needs to fly out for a family event that weekend. Can transfer through Ticketmaster
  11. ryan murphy


    Looking for two tickets to the menzingers in San Francisco this weekend. Saturday show. Any leads would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

    Edit: 1st post but longtime lurker since the absolutepunk days. Not a bot lol
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  12. mikeb1124


    I have two tickets to tonight's 1975 show in Camden I need to get rid of
    Section 204 Row E
    Asking $125 for the pair
    Message me if you would like to take these off my hands!
  13. cameoutswingin


    Looking for 1 GA ticket for New Found Glory this Friday at The Paramount on Long Island! I got the last GA ticket on TM last week but need one for a friend
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  14. battlingaheavyheart

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    Selling 2 tickets for the upcoming Motion City Soundtrack tour in New York City (w/ The Sidekicks and Gregory Stovetop)

    Wed Jan 08, 2020 @ Webster Hall
    $94.50 for the pair (face value)

    I can transfer on Ticketmaster - message me!
  15. falafelmywaffle

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    Selling 2 tickets for The Starting Line tomorrow night at Webster Hall.

    Can transfer through Ticketmaster!
  16. JaggySnake83


    I got a ticket to the second American Football show in Chicago for the 30th and would prefer to go on the 29th instead. Both shows are sold out. Anyone herevis going on the 29th and wants to trade?
  17. theasteriskera


    I'm selling 1 ticket at face value ($51.74) for tonight's All Time Low show at Starland Ballroom, a friend can no longer go. We can meet up there or I can send it to you through AXS
  18. Zorlak

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    Have an extra ticket for Motion City Soundtrack tonight in Anaheim, friend canceled, driving from San Diego, selling it for 40 bucks (paid 50 with fees for it), we can meet at the venue
  19. Mason


    I have two tickets for the Thrice show in Orlando for Sunday, Feb 16. Paid 74 for the two tickets and would be cool getting rid of them for 25 bucks each.
  20. mikeb1124


    Looking for extra GA tickets for The Front Bottoms in NYC in April
    Anything would help before I spend $95 on a non-resale ticket on Ticket(scam)master.
    Pretty sure on-sale price of this ticket was like $40.
  21. JaggySnake83


    Got a ticket to the sold out Dashboard Confessional show in Chicago at the 29th, they are doing AMAMABAS.

    I got it through Soundrink so it's will call and I'll have to contact SR for them to change the name on it.

    Selling for the same amount i paid for it.
  22. theasteriskera


    If anyone happens to be selling any amount of tickets to The Wonder Years/Free Throw/Spanish Love Songs/Pool Kids @ Webster Hall tomorrow 2/22/20 I will be forever indebted to you
  23. K0ta

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    If anybody has a ticket to sell for the Silverstein show March 6th in NYC please dm me!