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Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 4, 2021.

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  2. it me.

    albums that did release in 2020 will probably always bring me memories I'd rather forget tbh, that being said, a few squeaked through the comfort noise because they were darn good
  3. The Lucky Moose

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    Same here. Most of my new-new music listening was done in like November and December, only to contribute to the Hip Hop Thread list.
  4. DaydreamNation Jan 5, 2021
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    friend of the devil is a friend of mine Supporter

    Love that Ruston made it and is that high up. Never been less surprised by a #1 on a list haha but that's not a bad thing!
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  5. Truly shocked The 1975 didn't make the cut. Gotta be the first year they wasn't top 5, let alone not on the list.
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  6. Colby Searcy

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    Anybody have the NFG album on their list?
  7. Ska Senanake


    Tame Impala is a HUGE snub. Vasudeva, Thundercat, Gorillaz had good releases too.
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  8. I know a lot of people that liked Tame Impala before like.... 2017 were kinda disappointed with it, but I definitely thought it would be on this list too. Liked it a decent amount myself.

    Shout out to the Vasu record for real tho. A bombshell, that one
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  9. irthesteve

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    The Tame Impala album is great, I think a lot of fans were just thrown off by the stylistic shift. While different, the first three albums were all cut from the same cloth. This one is much more electronic based and more vibey for lack of better word.
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  10. Wake Up, Sunshine is definitely All Time Low’s Southern Air.
  11. BenSmith94


    Enter Shikari deserved some love here. Ditto Slowly Slowly, one of the best new alt rock acts out of Australia (although they're obviously more obscure outside Aus).
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  12. Ska Senanake


    Yeah the Vasu one is so so so good. All 3 are really. Great guys. Got to meet them after a show once. I honestly liked the new Tame Impala more than Currents.
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  13. DaydreamNation Jan 5, 2021
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    friend of the devil is a friend of mine Supporter

    I've loved Tame Impala since Innerspeaker was brand-spankin'-new (that awesome cover art was what made me check it out initially) and I loved the album this year. Seems like most people like me felt differently tho, oh well
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  14. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    I also think a lot of people have a tough time when an artists latest album isn't "their best." So what! By definition, one album can ever be the best so who cares which it is. Currents can be your favorite and Slow Rush can still be fucking great.
  15. Slow Rush fucking rules, super rewarding listen. Would be most bands' best record
  16. Steeeve Perry


    I think it's fantastic. So much to dig into, even beyond the usual hundreds of samples. Who else makes a song that turns into a picture when run through a spectrograph?!?
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  17. Fletchaaa

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    Going to have to look through all the individual lists and try to find some more stuff I missed. For me some of my favorites in no order:

    Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
    Brian Fallon - Local Honey
    City Mouth - Coping Machine
    The Front Bottoms - In Sickness & In Flames (would have thought this would have made more people's top)
    Stand Atlantic - Pink Elephant
    Seaway - Big Vibe (this one really surprised me)
    Hot Mulligan - You'll Be Fine
    Mandancing - The Good Sweat
    The Dangerous Summer - All That is Left of the Blue Sky
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  18. swboyd

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    needs more grindcore, but other than that, solid list mates.
  19. For the record, this was originally in my top 15 at least but was retroactively removed after some more information came to light in the Accountability in Music thread.
  20. ItsAndrew

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    I enjoyed the Front Bottoms record prior to the full details of what happened came out. Now I have no interest in supporting them at all.
  21. Fletchaaa

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    Oh ok thank you I didn't know about that I'll look into this
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  22. slimfenix182


    Well I know my top 3 were

    Taylor Swift - folklore
    Poppy - I Disagree
    The Killers - Imploding The Mirage

    2 artists I never cared for and The Killers who I love but had absolutely no anticipation for with how underwhelming the last album was
  23. The Poppy album definitely took me by surprise
  24. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Same, I love it
  25. elroyo


    agree, criminal to not have that one on the list