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    No better time to create a thread than the day of the series finale!
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    One day I will go back and download every episode and finally do a full watch of this. I loved what I've seen so far (maybe the first two seasons?) and I'm sure it stays good.
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    This show is so good, even though I still haven't seen any of this season.
  4. Love this show but I've never been up to date on episodes and seasons. I need them all on demand.
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    Yep, 22 minutes of nonsense like that is the perfect ending for this series.
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    Need to catch up, haven't seen the last 2 seasons
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    Netflix Orders ‘Medical Police’ Comedy Series From ‘Childrens Hospital’ Team Starring Erinn Hayes & Rob Huebel

    10 episode, half hour spiritual successor/spinoff/sequel? series announced for Netflix: Medical Police starring Huebel and Erinn Hayes, with most of the rest of the Childrens Hospital cast recurring (Lake Bell, Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Malin Akerman)

    "It centers on two American physicians (Hayes and Huebel) stationed at a pediatric hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, who discover a civilization-threatening virus. The duo are recruited as government agents in a race against time and around the world to find a cure and uncover a dark conspiracy."
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    Nice! Was just thinking the other day about how much I miss Childrens Hospital.

    I wonder if it’s an “offshoot” because Medical Police is a new show in the Newsreaders universe where Childrens Hospital was a big hit and all the Childrens Hospital actors are playing their fake actors from that universe playing new characters in the new show within that universe

    God that was confusing to try and articulate
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    oh god yes
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    Hell yeah
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    I can’t wait to love this show to the ends of the earth and then have Netflix cancel it