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    Wild. Even more glad that I live off the brown line now.
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    I see a lot of people disappointed by this lineup. For me it's much much better than i have anticipated. Only problem now is i am starting a new job in a few weeks and i'll have to find a way to get that Friday off without pissing people off.
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    Was going to post about the bill passing but now I just saw my L stop is closing for three fucking years??? Uhhh. I guess Argyle is equally as close as Lawrence for me but still
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    My gf and me are moving to the city later this summer and are about to start looking. Any apartment hunting tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    Use an apartment finding service. I used Apartment People in Lakeview. They’re generally free in Chicago because they make commission from landlords. You tell them your price range and what your priorities are and they have a database of listings and then drive you around to different options.

    Other random things...a lot of places don’t do security deposits but do “move-in fees” that are non refundable. I hadn’t heard of that before moving here. You’re probably aware of the traffic but street parking is a nightmare in most places so I would recommend living near one of the L lines, Brown or Red probably.
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    Agree with @Kellan use an apartment finding service, just tell them your hard price range so they don't waste your time with apartments over your budget. Start setting up appointments with them now, but realize they probably won't want to deal with you much, or have much to offer, until a month before your move in date.

    Highly recommend using a moving service as well. Loading, parking and unloading in the city is difficult, but movers get it done quickly.
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    Speaking as a now ex-Chicago resident, what neighborhoods did you have on your mind/where are you guys going to be working, etc.? Chicago's a big city so there's a lot of variation in what you'll find.

    While I used Chicago Apartment Finders when I first moved to the city to get my first place in Logan Square, I was generally a lot more satisfied with the subsequent places I lived at which I found using a combination of Craigslist and Padmapper. I probably got lucky, but my wife and I got a hell of a deal on rent that way whereas I found the apartment finding services to be a bit scummy because their paycheck depends on the commission they get from signing you up. Again, just my own personal experience.
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    I also basically got swindled out of application fees by an apartment finding service back in the day because the guy was disingenuous about the situation, though at age 19 we were all new to the game.
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