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Chewbacca Talking Masks Selling Out Everywhere

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 21, 2016.

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    Brad Esposito, writing for Buzzfeed, on how the famous Chewbacca talking masks are now selling out all over the place. I want one.

    The mask is now out of stock at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Kohl’s, meaning you’ll have to turn to eBay if you’re desperate, where prices continue to rocket well beyond the original $20 to $30. In less than two days, more than 100 million people have watched a video of Texas mom Candace Payne trying on a Chewbacca mask in her car and laughing hysterically.

  2. y2jayjk

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    best viral marketing campaign ever
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  3. Turkeylegz


    Wow. At the target I work at we couldn't give those away for the past couple months.
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  4. ARo24


    I just got home from seeing The 1975 and then watched that video. I'm having the best night ever lol.
  5. chewbacca110

    He wrenches on it. He thinks it's his.

    The video really is pure joy and her laugh is contagious.
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  6. Schooner May 22, 2016
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    It's kinda cute and I get its feel good. But I was expecting it to be a lot better and funnier when I finally watched it after seeing it being shared on Facebook soooo many times over the weekend
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  7. supernovagirl

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    I hate star wars (put down the pitch forks) and I still love this. Between how goofy she looks and how much fun she's having, it's impossible not to laugh along and get in a good mood with this video. I mentioned to my friends how Kohls gifted her family with more masks and toys etc and I said 'its the least they can do, she just gave them so much free publicity'....didn't expect THIS though!
  8. sean_rugy

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    it's the little things that make you smile in this weird workd we live in. love it.
  9. shogunTORTOISE


    That woman's laugh is infectious as fuck.
  10. CheapPop


    Damn, when I first saw the video it had like a million views. It's over 100 million already? Shiiiiit!

    Pretty crazy how fast his video took off.
  11. timcsheehan


    i wish anything made me as happy as that mask makes her.
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  12. shanew


    This video makes me sad haha