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  1. Thank you so much! I'm really happy about my Thrice / The Receiving End of Sirens influences that come through on a lot of my guitar riffs.

    The whole album is stuffed full of the best riffs and guitar movements I've ever written, so something I'm really excited about with the pre-orders Kickstarter is that, if we manage to double the original goal, then I'll be using the additional money to have the album re-mixed and re-mastered as an instrumental album.
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  2. Done! This guy is a cool dude
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    Yeah, international shipping has really sky-rocketed in the past 5-10 years. Guess that's a product of national postal services running up huge deficits and choosing to make it up on international deliveries. Goodness knows it's really cut back on my vinyl pre-orders direct from artists/labels.
  5. Ahhh that's such a bummer :/ it's almost like an unfair export tax. Let's riot. Instead of the Tea Act, the Vinyl Act!
  6. "best"


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    I know this guy
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