Chase Tremaine Launches Pre-Order and Debuts New Music

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    Long time member, and supporter, Chase Tremaine, is prepping to release his debut album Unfall in early 2020. The lead single “Matter” is out now. Recording all the vocals, drums, and guitars himself, Tremaine makes highly melodic, highly rhythmic songs where the two halves of “pop-rock” do not dilute one another, but instead mix; you get both the cacophonous energy of rock and the catchy euphoria of pop. With influences that span the history of emo (Jimmy Eat World, The Academy Is…, Foxing), his music has garnered comparisons from fans to the likes of Paramore, Switchfoot, Mae, and at times, even Dance Gavin Dance.

    If you enjoy the single, check out the pre-order bundles, available for a limited time via Kickstarter.

    Chase Tremaine can also be found on Instagram.

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  2. I like the thought that went into the Kickstarter rewards. Good luck @Chase Tremaine !
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  3. Thank you!! You are a wonderfully encouraging person Really appreciate you checking everything out
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  4. Fletchaaa

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    I like the single, will definitely check out the album when it comes out
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  5. slickdtc

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    There’s something here. Very catchy right off the jump. Pretty dang good introduction.
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  6. DandonTRJ

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    Damn, I hear all those influences. This sounds fantastic. Consider me pledged.
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  7. First off, thank you thank you a million times thank you. Secondly -- you have no idea how relieving it is to hear that my list of influences isn't just me being crazy. Usually when I try to "RIYL" my own music, I feel like I've cobbled together something random and unfounded that no one would understand, haha
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  8. Thanks so much for checking out the song! I will very likely get another ad on this website when the album releases, sooooo hopefully you won't miss it ;)
  9. Very kind and encouraging words -- many thanks!!
  10. Craig Manning

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    Yeah buddy! Excited to check this out.
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  11. Lucas27

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    I’m going to get that $50 package when I get the chance and you and I are going to write the best darn song the world has ever saw.
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  12. @Chase Tremaine I live in Australia, can I pre-order just the digital copy and get the singles? Not interested in anything physical because I imagine shipping costs would be exorbitant but want to support your music.
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  13. Yes! There's an "international package" tier on Kickstarter that doesn't charge any shipping :)
  14. Oh! Didn't read far enough down the page obviously. Done! Easiest $15 AUD I've ever spent.
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  15. Incredible -- thank you so much! And I'll be making sure you get digital copies of all the goodies that other backers will be receiving on CD.

    But yeah, when I was figuring out my pricing tiers/options, I was pretty shocked to discover how costly in can be even to ship something as small as CDs overseas.
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  16. Mr. Serotonin

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    Some of the melodies remind me of Hippocampus. Good stuff man :thumbup::thumbup:
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  17. slickdtc

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    Collab! Collab! Collab!
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  18. Between me and Hippocampus or between me and @Mr. Serotonin ?

    Or between Mr. Serotonin and Hippocampus!?!? hahah
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  19. Interestinggggg. I always love hearing comparisons to artists I'm not very familiar with!
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  20. Anarchivist


    I love the guitar work in Matter!
  21. Mr. Serotonin

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    You might like hippocampus then, hahah. Check 'em out if you haven't!
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  22. slickdtc

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    You and Serotonin (a Chorusllaboration!), but fuck it, Hippocampus too.
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  24. I know I've listened before, definitely wouldn't mind giving them another go! My memory of them is fond.
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