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Chase Tremaine – Unfall

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 3, 2020.

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    On Chase Tremaine’s debut solo album,Unfall, the Dallas-born singer-songwriter shines all over the record in an album almost entirely written and performed by Tremaine himself. The strengths found onUnfall are natural to notice right from the first listen: brilliant harmonies, intricate and layered guitars, as well as precise beats and pop hooks. Tremaine’s time spent playing in several Nashville-based bands is apparent, as he showcases a full breadth of styles and genre-blending on his debut LP. Over the 10-song, 46-minute record, Tremaine confidently takes the listener on an ear candy journey filled with a professional sounding album that was produced by Zach Lardy. Tremaine never loses focus on this record and delivers a strong introduction to his solo career.

    Leading off the set with the first single, “Matter,” is the proper choice as it provides a great introduction to not only the styles found onUnfall, but it turns out to be one of the strongest songs found on the album. Filled with lush melodies, pop-rock guitars, and confidently sung vocals, Tremaine sets off on the right foot to immediately draw the listener into wanting to hear the rest of the record.

    “Search For Myself” finds Tremaine looking within for a purpose as he sings on the opening notes, “Been looking at old photos / Re-reading my favorite books / Connecting with hometown pals / But nothing seems to help me out /I’m different, I’ve noticed, than last year in almost every way / Been missing that other me / Is he long gone like yesterday?” The introspective dive into his past and current relationships comes across as incredibly genuine and only adds to Tremaine’s likeability over the album’s course.

    Other noteworthy tracks such as the piano-driven “Counsel (The Help I Get)” brand Tremaine as one of the better up and coming singer-songwriters to grace our scene in quite some time. His accomplished way of approaching songwriting is incredibly professional and impressive for a young and emerging artist.

    The back half of the album never loses the momentum gained from the intense opening tracks and only further solidifies Tremaine’s ability to remain a captivating storyteller through his music. The sounds found on the latter tracks remind me of early Jimmy Eat World with the polish of 90’s pop-rock bands such as Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, and even a little bit of Third Eye Blind. Comparisons aside, Tremaine has a sound that feels refreshing, immediate, and simultaneously personal.

    Overall, I came away fromUnfall with a newfound optimism that there is still plenty of room for artists such as Tremaine to continue to find a place in the crowded music scene and find their footing. His overall composure over the album is a breath of fresh air not usually found on a debut record. I look forward to seeing Tremaine continue to develop his sound and hope that he will gain confidence in knowing that he is on the right track as he brands himself as an accomplished solo artist.

    Editor’s note: Chase Tremaine was a previous sponsor of this website; however, this review was independently decided upon and written at the author’s discretion.

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  2. The Black Parade

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    Excellent review for an excellent album
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    spun this today at work, dug quite a bit of it
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    Got my cd of this album today. Sounds great in the car
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