Channel Zero (SyFy)

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by FrenzalRob, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. FrenzalRob

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    Anyone seen this series? Basically each season is its own story based on famous Creepypastas. Really cool concept. Just finished the first season.

    First season was based on the Candle Cove creepypasta, about a disturbing kids show that is much darker and more terrifying than it sounds. More on Candle Cove here: Candle Cove - Wikipedia

    Here's a trailer:

    Season 2's coming next year.
  2. Joel

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    Was this any good?
  3. Joe


    It's not amazing, but I enjoyed it. Very slow burn and heavy on creepy atmosphere.

    This was renewed for seasons 3 & 4.
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  5. dash64

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    Season 2 of this has been great so far. It has a completely different feel to it, and has honestly been creeping me out. Watching this has made up for some of American Horror Story's weaker elements.
  6. Joe


    Totally forgot there was a thread for this. Ya, first 2 eps have been great. Ending of ep2 was creepy as hell.
  7. dash64

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    Looks like we'll be keeping this alive for the time being! I really wish more people gave the show a chance.
  8. Joe


    It doesn't have as high of a budget and isn't as flashy as AHS, so it doesn't get as much promo unfortunately. I only found out about the first season through word of mouth online.
  9. dash64

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    Same, I think I might have read about it on AvClub or IGN.
  10. Raditz


    Those who don't give this show a chance deserve a Kamehameha to the face. Season 1 was more interesting than AHS had been in years, and 2 looks promising.
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  11. Night Channels

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    I love this series.
  12. Joe


    Finale tonight!

    Also, here's the teaser for next season!

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  13. suicidesaints

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    Maybe I'll check this show out. I've never even heard of it until I stumbled onto this thread.
  14. Joe


    New season coming Feb. 7th!

  15. quietwords

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    Good timing on my part I guess. Just started season one last night. Weird but interesting. Keeps my interest, at least. Have two more eps. Will probably start season two tomorrow.
  16. Joe


    Butcher's Block premieres tonight! I've seen a few reviews posted and they sound positive.
  17. Joe


    Premiere last night was creepy. Looks like it's only gonna get crazier from here on.
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  18. Joe


    This season is bizarre (in a good way). That scene w/ Izzy and whatever that things was creeped me the fuck out.