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  1. OotyPa


    Just popping in to say Taylor's verse in Roo is insane.
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  2. manoverboard365


    I don't know how ticket sales have been in other markets, but surprisingly the Madison Square Garden show has plenty of seats still. It'll for sure fill up by the time October comes around, but looking at his touring schedule they were clearly planning on a demand for a 2nd night.
  3. manoverboard365


    Also I'll echo something I've said a few times already, but I don't understand how someone can give this album a 0/10 when it has songs like Do You Remember, All Day Long and I Found a Good One.

    I've made my 12 track playlist and it's been a fun listen that I play pretty frequently.
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  4. Sal Paradise

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    I would be hard pressed to give any album a 0, unless it is quite literally the worst album I’ve ever heard.
  5. Maybevictor

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    He’s playing the same venue as Tyler here, two days later, and the sales have been significantly worse. Tyler sold out the floor and almost all of the lower bowl (besides single seats scattered around) in 30 minutes. I can still buy tickets for all levels for chance.

    I don’t think this is necessarily just on the shifting perception / reception to the album, I also think tickets are ridiculously expensive and that doesn’t help. He’s charging Pablo prices and it is hurting sales.
  6. Signifire

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    Ronald McDonald is a clown, water is wet
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  7. The Lucky Moose

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    Tyler is more established too
  8. Maybevictor

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    Before IGOR / big day i would say this isn’t true at all. Despite being around longer / having more “official” albums, Tyler never came close to being top billed at fests like Coachella, Lolla, and ACL.

    For a brief moment between coloring book and now, Chance was much bigger than Tyler ever was, I would argue.
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  9. jpmalone4

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    Giving an album a "zero" is never a serious attempt at criticism, it's always a gimmick
  10. incognitojones Supporter

    Maybe Chance did just get too big too fast.
  11. incognitojones Supporter

    They’re on very different paths. Chance feels like his live show was made to play a bunch of festivals, Tyler has his own festival and hasn’t done much else besides that. Odd Future blew up very fast too but that was also a longer time ago and he’s done a ton of different kind of things since then. Yonkers probably had more impact than any single Chance song has.
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  12. manoverboard365


    Three songs from the album charted on the Hot 100:
    Hot Shower - #58
    All Day Long - #94
    Do You Remember - #95

    The only other songs of his that charted (not as a featured artist) were No Problems (#43) and I Might Need Security (#60).

    I'd say he's doing just fine.
  13. username

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    Get "Ballin Flossin" to #1 Challenge
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  14. Maybevictor

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    I agree with all of this, I just assumed Chance’s coloring book success was much more likely to move arena tickets than Tyler’s more cult-ish success.
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  15. irthesteve

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    Hot Shower was the highest charting off the entire album??
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  16. incognitojones Supporter

    I’m not surprised Tyler has better tour numbers. He also would never be able to host SNL. They’re really different despite both having like viral success to launch careers.
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  17. Maybevictor

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    I would actually bother to tune in to watch Tyler hosting SNL. What could possibly go wrong lol
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  18. incognitojones Supporter

    Yeah it’d be good or at least interesting so a guarantee it will never happen
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  19. The Lucky Moose

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    I think you underestimate how many white guys in Vans the former Odd Future leader attracts to his show compared to the guy that first made a gospel and then a wedding rap record
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  20. OhTheWater

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    IG meme accounts are trashing it as well. Don't look at the comments if you don't wanna feel very angry
  21. btr


    Currently on iTunes “Best of the Week” and the top song on “Zane Lowe’s World Record”!
  22. irthesteve

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    ...but but.. Easily the single worst song on the album!!
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  23. wisdomfordebris

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    That’s so weird haha
  24. tdlyon

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    I have tickets to both the Tyler tour and this tour for the record lol
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  25. SPine


    The Cleveland show only has 2 sections sold completely out of the whole arena.