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  1. Took off work today so I can make a nice little home for Meadow, we are gonna keep her in our master bedroom for the first week or so and its very big and perfect for her. Left some stuff with Poe and Hamlets scents in there as well and are gonna have meadow eat near a door and hamlet and poe eat on the other side of that door. So excited for this.
  2. Mission Complete

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  4. Hey guys, I promise I won't do this daily, but first night with Meadow was great. She slept a good bit on the bed with us which blew us away because our first two cats were under the bed for at least a week before getting comfortable. Meadow seems real content and open and affectionate already i'm so happy about it. I lucked out big time.
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    Do it daily.
  6. marsupial jones

    pending approval


    "Meadow's Messages"
    "Mumbling Meadow"
    "Meandering Meadow's Musings"

    etc. etc.
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    Me ad ow
  8. Thank you for being the fourth person to point that out Cups, cute.
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  10. Okay guys, I need some solid feedback, my girlfriend has just grown up feeding her cats dry food, she has no bad intentions its just how she grew up, I really want to introduce wet food to the older boys and of course my kitten. What do you feed your cat? What brand do you prefer?
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    “she has no bad intentions” Lmfaooo you’re so funny. Wet food is expensive, kid.
  12. So is a blocked urinary tract bro
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  13. If everyone does dry food great then I'll know I'm just reading worst-case scenarios online
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    I’m sure most people do, bc wet food is seen as a luxury bc it’s so pricey.
    I didn’t know it was associated with blocked urinary tracts tho. Typically, that’s more of a problem for male cats than females.
    My cat has had it and is on prescription dry food now. I think it’s probably still cheaper than wet food.
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  15. Yeah sorry I'm just doing tons of research now obviously. I want to do what's best for health but I also have to do what's best economically with three cats. I think the high quality dry food might be the way we go
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    Yeah exactly we only can provide the care we can afford. Them being fed is what’s most important.
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  17. turns out I have an independently owned all natural pet food store right by me. I'm going to go talk to them and see what they think the best dry food for me to give is
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    We use Sheba but usually split two tabs between the two of them. Publix had a sale on blue buffalo last week where the big cans were 10/$10 so we bought a bunch and they have a ton of food in them
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  19. I think i'm gonna try to do wet a few times a week
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    I feed my 3 cats wet food only (they're spoiled), also one was having a urinary tract issue. I have read that males are more sensitive to dry food and need wet food more than females. I always just check the ingredients, look for the first 3-5 ingredients to be things humans would eat (veggies, actual meat, water, etc.). Wet food and dry food if you can find it should be grain free and the first few ingredients listed should be high quality products.
  21. There is a mom and pop all natural pet food store around the corner from me that I'm gonna go to this weekend, I was told the customer service there is excellent.
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    Finn says hello. Relaxing on his heated blanket.

  23. IMG_20190323_083244_531.jpg

    This girl
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    She has hairy old man ears like our calico!
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