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    Is Jack, my cute boy :heart: me and my roommate found him as a stray right around Halloween. He loves being held like a baby
    He hates that the dog gets to go outside to poop. 20181118_114132.jpg
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    Both of them when it snowed last year
  4. Zach


    Very proud of our cats for how quickly they adjusted to the new kitten. Only three days in, and they are this comfortable already. Zwitter (far back) we found at three days old, so he didn’t get to socialize and has been a little on the rougher side with our calico, Gloria. Took them months to become buddies. He has been an awesome big brother and is already showing Finn (kitten on right) how to play. Gloria is having some issues with sharing treats cause she is a little piggy but that will work itself out!

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  6. RyanPm40 Dec 9, 2018 at 12:12 PM
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    ...Not as into the holidays as I am :P

    Ready to pounce on me..

    She loves being comfy.
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    Aw, I'm glad they adjusted well. I wish I could get my cat a friend, but when I adopted her the vet told us she just hates all other cats and she was taken back to them by two separate owners before I adopted her because she just would not get along with their existing cats. It stinks because she has all this pent up energy and wants to play all the time.