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  1. sorry didnt see this! did you luck out?!?
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  4. Matt

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    My cat has started a war with my feet/ankles and I'm losing
  5. SleepingBeauty


    Here are photos of mine and my boyfriend's two cats:



    And here are my family's cats that live at my parents' house:


  6. Zach


    Muffins as far as the eye can see
  7. RyanPm40 Sep 21, 2019
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    So I decided to try out double-sided pet tape for our furniture to get our cat to stop clawing it .... Now how do I prevent my dumb ass from walking into it half the time and ripping it off as it sticks to my leg :crylaugh:
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    Me and thicc boi chillin tn
  9. Matt

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  10. tomtom94


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    She loves her green bean

  12. jorbjorb

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    he loves hugs!
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    When in need of a pick me up, this thread does it.
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  15. RyanPm40

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    Not my kitten or anything but this might be the cutest/most wholesome video I've ever seen and figure folks in here would appreciate it

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  16. Carmen SD


    Has anyone had a cat on a rx diet then switched to non rx that is similar? My kitty is currently on hills I/d and a small bag runs around $30 and it’s not easy to afford. Would a non rx brand for sensitive stomach work? Has anyone tried it? There’s a brand off chewy I want to try for kitty
  17. Zach Oct 6, 2019
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    We use this one. Our newest cat was having a lot of diarrhea/skin problems, we tried several including some prescribed stuff, but this one stopped it immediately. A 14 (or 16?) pound bag is $26.

    We use special wet food because his lips will breakout after eating other wet foods, but this dry food eliminates 95% of the stress on him and us.

  18. RyanPm40

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    Out of curiosity, have you tried different kinds of food to see if it's just a specific kind that gets your cat sick? We feed ours Meow Mix wet food, and have found that when we give her the seafood variety, she seems prone to diarrhea and puking, but she's fine when we stick to the regular meat variety. Sorry to hear about that though, I wish you luck!
  19. Carmen SD


    He was eating royal canin for a few months then one day just started throwing up the dry food shortly after eating. Same type no change. Apparently then can happen? He’s ate other brands before different types. Doesn’t seem to have an issue with meat/seafood and was doing ok with royal canin for a while. Halo has a sensitive stomach option and a little bit cheaper than the hills rx.
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  20. shea

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    This is Scout.

    She bites.
  21. Carmen SD


    I bought this one and gonna try it out
    Ended up getting it for a good deal of $4 at petco. Originally thought the sale was around $9, but the register had it cheaper!

    Edit: wanted to try the Halo sensitive stomach, but they only had the big bag and I wanted to get the small one first to try it out
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  22. Zach


    I hope it works!
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