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Casey Liss Launches ‘Vignette’ App to Fix Your Contact Photos

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 22, 2019.

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    Casey Liss has released a new iOS app to quickly add photos to your contacts using their social media profiles. MacStories has a good rundown:

    Unlike many other apps that aim to streamline the act of adding contact photos, Vignette doesn’t require access to any of your personal social media accounts. Commonly, apps will ask you to log in to Facebook, for example, so they can crawl your friends list to extract profile images and other data for your contacts. While this is an effective method, it also requires giving a third-party app special access to your social media accounts. Vignette takes a different approach.

  2. fourstarters

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    Save you a click - it costs $4.99 to actually add photos to contacts.
  3. Yes, good apps usually cost money ... so, uh, click and give developers of good apps money for their work.
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  4. macbethfan

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    Yeah, if you think it should be free, you should just go create the app yourself and release it for free. That "everything should be free" mentality is what led to a rise in awful ad-supported apps over the years, mainly free-to-play games (with horrible in-app purchases) but other categories as well. We're finally at a point where app development is sustainable for independent developers thanks to subscription models and apps like this, where it demonstrates what is possible with the app, and then letting you choose if you want to pay for what it does or not. I think that's awesome. :thumbup:
  5. fourstarters

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    Not saying it's not useful (or that I didn't buy it), but it's kinda odd to offer the app for free and lock all functionality behind a $5 IAP. Seems like a cheap way to rocket up the free-app charts since it was never going to make it at $5 on the paid charts.
  6. If you wanna hear him talk about why he did it that way, he does on his podcast:

    Analog(ue) #157: I Just Want People to Like My Stuff - Relay FM

    No one downloads paid up front apps anymore, virtually every new app uses this kinda model. Beside subscription based apps it's all I see these days.
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