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Carrie Fisher Has Passed Away

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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    RIP Princess
  3. aoftbsten

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    May the force be with you, Carrie.
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  4. honkytonk

    Narcissism on narcotics

    What a shame.. RIP to an iconic actress.
  5. theredline

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    And they just keep coming! I know people die every year but this has seemed just ridiculous!!
  6. Tata Toothy


    I feel like I say this every year. But damn we lost some amazing people this year.
  7. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    Like I said in A1, this is proof 2016 is on the dark side. Puns aside, this one hurt... RIP Carrie.:tear:
  8. contra11mundum

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    2016 can go fuck itself.
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  9. musicguy87


    Rest easy Carrie Fisher. The Rebel Alliance lost a good one.

    "Princess Leia, where are you tonight?"
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  10. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

  11. bodkins


    Such a bummer.
  12. Serh

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    Rest in peace
  13. Tim

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    One of the worst celebrity deaths for me this year. RIP.
  14. Ska Senanake


    Absolutely heart broken. Music has been the only redeeming part of 2016 for me.
  15. Tim

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  16. Tim

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    One more tweet:
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  17. suppyguppy


    Man. 2016 has been a tough SOB.

    I've never felt more emotional about a famous person passing away. I never met Carrie Fisher yet somehow through reading her book and watching her interviews I feel like I've known her personally. The ways in which she battled and overcame her demons is a true inspiration to me. Star Wars is my favorite movie(s) of all time yet that's actually the thing about her I'll remember least. She was a genuinely good hearted human being and I will miss her.

    Rest In Peace, Carrie. And thank you.
  18. Johnny Bananas

    Peace & Love

    Thank you Princess. This one really hurts. May the force be with you :heart:
  19. CMilliken


    Terrible! Last time I heard she was in stable condition. Thought she was in the clear. May the force be with you Carrie.
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  20. crunchprank Prestigious

    I'll have that on constant rotation. Just gut wrenching news. I'm so glad she got her book out when she did. Rest in peace, Carrie.
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  21. drewinseries


    Stable essentially means not actively dying. With her down time, the amount of brain damage she incurred was probably quite large. She could be considered stable with absent brainstem reflexes, which is a poor outcome.

    I figured she wasn't going to make it from the beginning but it is hard to say goodbye.

    May the force be with her.
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  22. jellyfishfossil



    Arguably the first universally known woman warrior in science fiction who managed to transform the spirits of many girls who looked up to her.

    Smooth sailing.
  23. JamesMichael

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    So so so sad. Man 2016 has been such a shit year for loosing people.

    Being a huge Star Wars fan too this one hits the feels hard and damn if her dogs twitter feed is heartbreaking.
  24. aranea

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    RIP Carrie. :leia2::leia:
  25. Damien Davies

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    Rest in peace