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Capsize Cancel Tour After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Hunter Norman


    I don't know anything of this band but I feel this was handled better than most of these situations
  3. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    I'm just gonna quote what I wrote in the Accountability in Music thread earlier:

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  4. xthisislove


    He wasn’t quoted in that post but there was directions to his personal twitter where it was also posted and said his DM are open for anyone who feels the need.
    It seems that since the news broke a different member of the band has been accused of a lot more
  5. jjnunn118

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    Band & multiple members deleted all social media. Multiple members have allegations against them, don’t let them succesfully scapegoat one member to distract from all the other allegations. We don’t need another Moose Blood/Neck Deep situation here
  6. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    What fucking cowards! Unbelievable.
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  7. Brent

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    1st off, who? Secondly... post/account has been deleted.

    Crazy how often stories like this are coming up now.
  8. Kellan

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    Were there multiple people being accused of stuff from Moose Blood?
  9. Kingjohn_654

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  10. PureBlueSF

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    A totally predictable move that just reeks of guilt.

    I feel stupid for liking this band before.
  11. chilllll


    Wow i never have ever seen a full band disappear so quickly . those mother fuckers had to have been feeling guilty lolol. It must suck to be scummy .
  12. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Well shit, looks like we got ourselves a WithCon 2.0 situation here...

    But for real, fuck this band. Their music is trash and apparently so are the human garbage fires who made it.
  13. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    A what?
  14. PureBlueSF

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  15. Windowsdown


    I liked their music, it's not "trash" if you dig the mid-2000's post-hardcore band. Recently, they were somewhere between Underoath (DGTL era), The Used, and Norma Jean (Redeemer era). Their first LP was a melodic hardcore record à-la The Carrier. They were also always tons of fun live.

    They seem like terrible people though. My disappointment is huge. They need to stay gone.
  16. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    I'm glad if all their social media is gone. I mean, more broadly they should have to answer and be accountable for what they did, but social media isn't really the place for that anyway - and I'd rather bands disappear and lose access to the fans that want to believe/defend them, or the ones they would have the potential to take advantage of.
  17. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    I see your point, but the thing about it is that it also wipes a portion of the conversation/their statements off the record. Sure it's saved locally and people can reupload but it seems like just the thing a band would do so that they could reemerge after this all blows over and try to make a new name for themselves or something.

    Social media is the place where these women called them out, so in my opinion it is relevant. Capsize deleting their socials gives them a way out of the line of fire, but I have never experienced a trauma like what these women have so their opinion on it is more important than mine. I'm not sure how they feel about it.
  18. josh-

    Twitter: @joshcaraballin

    I heard shit about this band being shit heads years ago, none of if was sexually related, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit.
  19. KyleK Feb 25, 2019
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    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    No, that's a very good point, I certainly didn't mean to imply I knew what the victims would want done with the band's social media. I don't like it if it means evidence is harder to obtain, but if it diminishes their profile, or ability to reach out to misguided fans who still want to support them, I am glad for that. I am also glad if bad bands are forced to disappear and lose whatever limited legacy they might have otherwise had.
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  20. Dust Of Fallen Rome