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Capsize – “XX (Sew My Eyes)” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 20, 2016.

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    Capsize have debuted their new video for “XX (Sew My Eyes).” The new album comes out on July 22nd via Equal Vision Records. I made it a full 58 seconds into the song before turning it off, I’d like a little kudos for that.

  2. incognitojones

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    Can we have less posts about bands like this? I was hoping the shift from absolutepunk would kind of reduce the scene included bands that you just hate and are not really within this audience anymore, and include the kind of standard generally liked type of bands in the punk scene while going broader into mainstream music and different subsets of underground bands that wouldn't normally get attention.

    I don't know this just seems hollow and pointless when you so clearly can't stand it, with good reason. These kind of posts just have no reason for continuing.
  3. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Jason can post whatever he wants. Can we have less comments about telling him what he should and shouldn't post?
  4. I like Equal Vision Records.
  5. incognitojones

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    Me too, but not every band they sign. I guess I just don't see much value in giving support to things you also openly detest, even from usually trusted sources.

    Mostly I'm bummed from checking the news for things to stream and the first post being something you admit is bad
  6. I like EVR, therefore I post about most of their releases and music even if I don't like the music itself. Say Anything's last album would fall into this same category. A post about something is not support, it's a post.

    I post about music I think is bad every day if I think it's something the audience is interested in knowing about. I think new music from a band on EVR is in that category.
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  7. Eric


    You should totally post the new Museum Mouth video then. People here might dig it
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  9. Eric


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  10. incognitojones

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    I just disagree that the audience you are going for is interested in this band and bands like these, these are the kind of posts that only receive negativity and insults because this is not the type of music people look to this site for just because they're on a certain label.

    There's a venn diagram of bands you like and bands that the general audience likes and this pretty clearly falls outside of that. And I'm only bringing this up because I've been impressed with the new queue generally being much cleaner, positive, and informative because a lot of these bands were mostly ignored. Or maybe I'm not reading into posts enough.
  11. Ryan G

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    I really don't think this falls outside of the general audience though. A LOT of people from site really like post-hardcore/hardcore/metalcore/whatever-core - myself included for a lot of bands - and would be interested in this band. I mean I happen to not think that this band is that great, but they are similar in ways to bands like Touche Amore, Being As An Ocean, Defeater, etc. -- types of bands that I would say do have a good following. And, covering these scenes - heavier scenes, etc - is nothing new for AP or I'm not sure why you think that many people wouldn't be interested - given that this genre is popular, as is EVR.
  12. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    I'm not against heavy music at all, that is a big part of the audience here. But this band really is not in the same class as those mentioned, its a different subset entirely. I just don't want posts that exist mainly for shitting on bands that aren't even geared toward the people here looking for new music.
  13. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Stop acting like you speak for what everyone wants and is interested in. I couldn't care less about this band, but someone might.
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  14. Jake Z


    It's very cool Jason posts about it even if he doesn't like it. There are a fucking million sites that cover mainstream artists or underground indie rock music. The list of places that cover EVR and heavier music is much smaller, and need the support much more. I am sure this band has some fans here.

    While the site is embracing a larger scope of music/topics, it would be incredibly foolish to abandon what made this very site possible. I find there is plenty to like for everyone here, regardless of taste or preference.
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  15. incognitojones

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    I've been on this site for probably a decade, its pretty easy to tell the kinds of bands people are into, the bands people might find interesting, and the bands that get posted just to get shit on. These kinds of posts are not the most productive form of exposure if the main message is "hey doesn't this suck?"
  16. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Really though, it's Jason's site. He basically started Chorus so he could be in charge of what gets posted. So like it's not really up to us to tell him what to post or not
  17. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    I wouldn't say anything that I didn't think was a fair critique, just like I wouldn't demand anything. But I'll always bring up things I think might be issues, worst case scenario the discussion changes my mind and nothing happens.
  18. It's the sixth most viewed news story on the homepage today.

    I want to post what I want to post about. I posted about this. I heard your complaint, it's cool, I listened — I'll think about it, but I'll probably still post every once in a while about bands I think suck. Of Confidence got a post for being on Hopeless too. That Trashboat band is pretty bad as well. And, well, I still post about Real Friends, Taking Back Sunday, and Modern Baseball too. Not a big fan of any of them, but I like writing about them.
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  19. I really like this band
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  20. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    And that's fair. I do think there's a difference between bands with a pretty large following that suck and bands that are real new that suck, but that's whatever. As long as most posts are about good bands you are excited about existing, or at least people on this site are excited about, its not a huge problem.
  21. Stephen Young

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    That mix literally makes no sense?