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Call Me By Your Name (Luca Guadagnino, November 24, 2017) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  2. Joel

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    very much looking forward to this
  3. brandon_260

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    I still haven't seen his other works but the hype around this has me excited.
  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    this seems like a weirdly staggered release, I have to wait an entire damn month
  5. tucah

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    very excited to see a month I guess
  6. suicidesaints

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    12/22? my theater has been advertising it for weeks already. thought we'd be getting it sooner.
  7. Joel

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    lol see ya in two months
  8. jkauf

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    Another 3 weeks? Damn.
  9. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    I guess I'll have to wait until next year.
  10. nfdv2

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    this was incredible. i hadn't seen a movie in like forever and decided to watch one in a theater while home over thanksgiving break. picked the arclight by happenstance & picked this one knowing next to nothing about it. it completely blew me away. i'm bad at describing films and won't say more but it had me sobbing in a fucking theater lol

    oh and then i found out that it opened that very day in only two theaters here (one of which was the arclight) and two in NYC and isn't screening anywhere else. super lucky find.
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  11. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    Can't wait for it. He's a very underrated, underappreciated director here in Italy, mainly because his first proper big movie back in 2005 was pretty bad, but since then he really stepped up his game. Both I Am Love and A Bigger Splash are highly recommended, for anyone who's into psychological drama.
  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  13. brandon_260

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    Catching this in an hour :peace:
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  14. Joel

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    Let me know how it is, very looking forward to it!
  15. brandon_260

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    This is like ridiculously well crafted, but I felt barely any of the emotion that so many others have, which I think is making me miss the largest appeal to it. The last 30 minutes or so are incredible, but otherwise I felt quite removed from it emotionally. I'll have to revisit it at some point.
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  16. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  17. OotyPa

    fall away

    Really want to see this.
  18. Joel

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    so my brain is telling me I should see the relationship as a little morally dubious but I don't really and I'm not sure why

    that was absolutely beautiful. The score was just incredible, great performances, one of those films that is just a joy to watch front to back though obviously bittersweet

    The conversation between the son and his dad at the end absolutely killed me. Heartbreakingly real and really comforting.
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  19. Morrissey


    This is quite good. Like Guadagnino's other films, it is overwhelmingly pretty but a bit lacking in character development. It is a contradiction in his filmmaking; he makes character-based films but often shoots scenery like he is making something closer to Malick. The film does do a remarkable job of avoiding the cliches you would expect about a gay relationship in the Eighties, and it features fully fleshed out characters who operate on their own internal logic rather than what a plot might call for.
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  20. Aregala

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    This is very very strong.

    Guadagnino creates a setting I just wanted to live in for hours without making it an emotionally empty travel ad to Italy.

    Mmmmmmmmm Stuhlbarg tho :)
  21. TedSchmosby


    Not since Kiki’s Delivery Service has a city looked so desirable
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  22. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    this might be the bougiest movie ever, A Bigger Splash was also very bougie come to think about it, I just got taken out of the movie at times by so many characters being casually trilingual at least
    It also took me out a bit that Oliver was a Jew from New England who alternated between being erudite and saying "later" like a surfer dude so much that it became his trademark
    I need Elio's Talking Heads shirt
    Stulhbarg was so good and should always have a beard, he rocked it so hard
    also killer job by Sufjan, Visions of Gideon is one of his best songs

    and yeah their relationship didn't seem predatory, I'm not sure if consensual is the right word but certainly not predatory
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  23. jjnunn118

    Signal Vs. Noise Prestigious

    Need to this to open around here still
  24. Maybevictor

    @maybevictor Prestigious

    I really need a second viewing of this but I want to finish reading the book first. I loved it the first time around but I think I’ll really appreciate it more now after reading the book and gaining more insight into Elio’s character.
  25. TedSchmosby


    This movie shoulda been called Italian Peach
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