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Butch Walker Week

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 5, 2020.

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    Once upon a time, I had a lot more time to write about music than I do now!

    In 2013, about a year after I joined the staff at AbsolutePunk, I decided I’d take on a project called “Butch Walker Week.” The basic idea was that I’d go back and write about every Butch album, from the records with his former band Marvelous 3 up to his solo output, in the week leading up to his then-new EP Peachtree Battle. That project ended up running 11 reviews and about 16,000 words of text.

    When Jason started reviving old AbsolutePunk content to post here on Chorus, I knew I wanted to resurrect this feature. Butch Walker has been one of the absolute constants in my musical evolution for the past 15 years. Getting to write about all his records back then was super fulfilling (and even earned some Twitter recognition from the man himself). Reading back through these reviews reminded me how much these albums meant to me (and how much they continue to mean to me now). So whether you’re familiar with Butch’s work or just thinking about listening to him for the first time, I hope you’ll give these old write-ups a look!

    Butch Walker Week:

    Bonus Chapters (post-2013)


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  2. Pepetito

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    To be frank, I only heard of Butch Walker from your review of Sycamore Meadows back in 2008 which culminated in my album of the year in 2016 in stay gold, which I've spun so many times I couldn't ever fathom keeping track. So thanks.
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    That’s awesome to hear, thanks for letting me know!
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