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Bug Reports (Public) Bug • Page 25

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Jason Tate, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Hey @Jason Tate !

    Not sure if this is really a "bug" as much as it is a minor inconvenience, but I've noticed when you have a notification in Chrome for Android, if you don't tap the notification button just right, it just highlights the number of notifications you have as if you were doing a text selection:

    Not sure if that's been mentioned before, but it often results in multiple taps for me
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  2. I’m not sure what that means.
  3. Dinosaurs Dish

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    @Jason Tate

    Did you recently change font size for mobile browsers? Like, within the past hour or so? All text for me on only this site is maybe 70% the size it used to be. iPhone with Google Chrome, FYI

    It’s not biggie, just curious
  4. Jason Tate Jun 23, 2020
    (Last edited: Jun 23, 2020)
    No, Chrome changed something that makes the site look bad and shrunk the font size for some reason. I’ll look into it when I have some time.
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  5. This is infuriating. Chrome is rendering the font smaller on iOS for no reason.



    MacStories - same thing:





    You can see the font different, how many words per line in the headlines, and body text. Seeing the same thing here, just flat out rendering things a different size than it was a few days ago. I'm not seeing a whole lot of chatter online about it at the moment, going to do more research.
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  6. And it's by a lot:


    The black box is Chrome's rendering.
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  7. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    That's rather ridiculous. So far so good on Chrome for Android as far as I can tell

  8. Seeing other people talk about it as well. You can increase the size of the font in Chrome, but this makes no fucking sense.
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  9. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Bugs are fun. Deal with em all day at work :/
  10. The old version of Chrome for iOS renders shit correctly, the new one doesn't. Hopefully they push out a fix, cause it's every single site from my browsing.
  11. If you use the "zoom text" setting and hit + it looks almost correct. Wtf did they do. :redanger:
  12. font.jpg

    Super basic, simple font test.

    Font Test

    Chrome on iOS is the bottom one in the screen shot. It absolutely is rendering smaller. Barely, but enough that it looks wrong in various places and messes with spacing as well. I'm gonna see if they fix it in their next update, or if other people start complaining.
  13. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Everything looks good on an iPad with Chrome, FYI
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  14. What that update did for Chrome on iOS is associated the text size of websites with the SYSTEM setting for text size. It's fucking outrageously stupid. But, if you have changed your default text size for the system (Settings > Display Brightness > Text Size) to anything beside the default (the middle), Chrome will attempt to also "adjust" the text on websites instead of displaying the correct size. So, if you've moved it down a little bit at the system level, that would be the issue.

    You can use the Chrome zoom page text feature to boost it up one spot and it's closer to what it should be, but I cannot find anyway to disable this "feature" in iOS Chrome. If you set your font size at a system level back to the "default" in settings, you'll see Chrome looks correct (but every other app will now have the larger default sized fonts).

    The idea that because you have moved the font size smaller on your phone for defaults Chrome should "shrink" the fonts on everyone's website from the standard sizes is absolute madness. But, that's the issue.
  15. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Ah ok, I think that's been standard on Android for a long time and I never would have considered that to be a bug heh
  16. This has been fixed. Font size should once again be correct on Chrome for iOS.
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  17. Dinosaurs Dish

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    So far so good for me on iPhone with Chrome!
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  18. @Jason Tate I've been experiencing some weird login activity lately. Attached is a GIF showing what I see anytime I try to login from

    Logging in from the news page at the primary domain doesn't seem to create a cookie that works on the forum. Meaning I can login there, but when I click to enter the community, I'm still logged out. The only way I can actually login is to visit the /login page.

    Attached Files:

  19. What operating system/browser is this on?

    Does the same thing happen on all devices/browsers?

    Do you have any content blockers running?
  20. gif from chrome on Mac OS Mojave. Chorus is whitelisted in Ghostery.

    this also happens on Safari on iOS. Not sure if Chorus was whitelisted in 1Blocker.

    Can do some more testing this week.
  21. Can you clear all cookies and try again? I’ll do more testing tomorrow. Can’t find anything on first glance.
  22. Can't reproduce now on Safari or Chrome. FWIW, I only found the bug because I had cleared my cookies. If it comes up again, I'll dig into it some more.
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  23. OK thanks, please let me know.
  24. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Every tweet shows the “deleted tweet” image in chrome on iPhone even after clearing cache/cookies/history
  25. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Now they’re working. Weird.