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Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Jason Tate, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Wharf Rat

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    ohhhhhhhh yeah that's it. that's different. but ok thanks
  2. It's to make sure it goes to the right page no matter what the ppp are — it finds the right post and then redirects. Otherwise no matter what there'd be some issues because of how it uses anchor tags.
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  3. Meerkat

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    On mobile when I'm in a forum looking at threads, when I go to the bottom to go to a new page it goes from 1 to 3 and skips over 2 unless I click "next page"
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  4. Brenden

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    I have the same issue.
  5. marciocolombia


    I've liked the bot post about "A Hello, A Goodbye" but it didn't count:

    Posts: 1
    Likes: 0
    Points: 0
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  6. troyplaysbass

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    I believe that number is likes received. Check now - I liked your post.
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  7. Correct.
  8. To handle forums and stuff with a whole lot of threads, I had to make some cuts somewhere with how it'll handle on mobile. Since the "next" button is the biggest one, that's why it's that way at the moment.
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  9. Arry

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    i'm trying to put my instagram username in my profile, but it says "Please enter a value that matches the required format." It's arry.jpg so I think the . is throwing it off
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  10. Jacob Tender

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    Minor graphic thing on mobile. Tapping "Quote" highlights "Quote," but also moves the "Like" button slightly to the left.
  11. I can't believe Instagram allows periods. Weird. Updated the regex to allow for periods and added your username to your profile for you to test.
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  12. Jason Tate Apr 1, 2016
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    I hate you. :-p

    It does it on desktop too, it because of the padding and margin I add to the highlight.
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  13. Malatesta

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    not sure if this is a bug - i have my browser (Firefox 44.0.2) set to delete browsing history + cookies + etc when I close it (paranoia + compulsively neat or something i think?) and i just manually add exceptions for sites i save passwords for - AP/chorus being one of them. it worked since i joined beta - i'd lose the usual cookies but stay logged in on chorus every time i closed/opened Firefox. recently, maybe a week ago - i think it was before the site went public - that stopped working, and now i gotta log in every time. i've deleted and re-added chorus.fm and forum.chorus.fm, with http and https, to the exceptions list but it's still no good. i hadn't recently updated Firefox, uninstalled/reinstalled it, updated my comp, etc, as far as i can remember. any ideas? i'm a niche user, i know, haha.
  14. Zero ideas. Only thing I changed was forcing it use https ...
  15. Malatesta

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    yeah i'll keep tinkering around with Firefox's privacy settings. lemme know if you think of anything tho
  16. cryates

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    Pretty sure something weird is going with the twitter embeds. Earlier, this post was showing the full embed, but now it's cut off for me and only shows a portion.

    Edit: and now when I click that link it's normal hahah
  17. Twitter is strange how they do their embeds, and sometimes it'll load the whole thing and other times if there's an image or something the bottom part gets cut off. A refresh usually fixes it. I'm not sure what they're doing that's causing that or if it's something on my end. I keep looking though.
  18. troyplaysbass

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    Not sure if this is even a bug, but I noticed that track listings in news posts show up as numbered lists in Reeder and bulleted lists on the site. Are the bullets on purpose and RSS strips the formatting or something like that?
  19. It's a mistake on my CSS that I haven't fixed on the main site that converts all lists to the bullets.
  20. cryates

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  21. Because my margin's are off on the CSS. Hahaha. I'll add to the list to try and fix today.
  22. cryates

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    Not a big deal. There probably won't be many situations where we bullet past 9 anyways.
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  24. FTank

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    I quoted a post by hitting "reply" but never actually responded to the post at all. Now my quick reply box still has that message quoted in that thread. Can't unquote the message since originally I used "reply". Is this a bug or is there something I can do about this?
  25. The draft was saved (in case you hit back by accident or something, it saves your post for you, also across devoices). You can delete what's in there and wait like 30 seconds and it'll resave over it if you want. Or wait like a few hours and it deletes itself automatically.