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Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Melody Bot, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. aranea

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    i can't upload a cover photo. i just get a blank window, even after disabling pop up blocker and adblock, and refreshing my browser. i even tried clearing the cache. i tried edge, chrome and firefox.

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  2. I'll take a look when I get home.
  3. phaynes1


    Idk if it's a bug or if the intent is to only be able to upload a cover photo once, but I've tried reuploading several times images with a better size fit and for whatever reason the only one that shows up is the original that I uploaded.
  4. Nick

    @fangclubb Supporter

    If you clear your cache the new one will show up.
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  5. aranea

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    Thanks :D It worked fine on mobile, not sure what's up with desktop.
  6. I've been playing around with this all morning, on a bunch of different browsers and operating systems, and I can't duplicate the error you're seeing — which looks like it's just giving you a blank screen? If it's doing that, the most likely reason is that it doesn't think you're logged in. If you sign out of the forum, then sign back in, and then try, does it give you the same error? Because it looks to me like it doesn't think you're logged in.
  7. You get this fixed? I'm gonna go make a change to check for the file modification time that should make this less of a hassle.
  8. phaynes1


    nah. i tried some of the tips mentioned in the cover photo thread too. It's no biggie, just don't know what it is I'm messing up haha.
  9. This is what I am currently seeing for you. Gimme about 10 minutes to make a few changes then I'll have you see if my changes fixed this.

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  10. phaynes1


    Yeah, that's what I'm seeing too. Have tried uploading the new one a couple different ways on different devices to no avail. Again, no biggie haha. Just a heads up.
  11. Ok, I made a change that should fix the caching issue. Make sure the image is a under 3mb and a png or jpg. Give it a try now. If it doesn't work, let's try attaching the image you're trying to use here I can test it on my end and see what's up.

    This is now what I currently see for you after my change:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.50.32 PM.png
  12. phaynes1


    that's the pic I wanted and it's showing up like that for me too. thanks!!
  13. Awesome. Thanks for pointing that out. Glad we could get that fixed.
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  14. aranea

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    okay i found out. it only works if i have "remember me?" checked.
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  15. ChiliTacos

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    I used the numbered list feature, and it made "10" display as "0". Here is the post.
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  17. On mobile or desktop? Did you refresh after clicking it? I don't remove the thread from the view right away incase it's an accident.
  18. I'll take a look. I am gonna bet it's your username throwing me an error somewhere. Haha.
  19. Slangster

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    Don't know if this is technically a "bug" or not but the site won't let me add my website to my profile because it ends in .co
  20. Any thread? Or one specific thread? Just on the followed threads page or also on the forum listings page? I can't reproduce this error at all and it doesn't have anything to do with the username change. Try making sure no extensions or add-ons are running and give it a try, if it doesn't work I'll try logging in on your account to look.
  21. Jason Tate Mar 29, 2016
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    Try instead adding it as http://www.yoururl.co — that should work.
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  22. Whew.
  23. troyplaysbass

    reunion tour Supporter

    I added a photo to my full profile, but the "about" box doesn't grow to accommodate it, so the photo is hanging over into the social media links section and it looks a little weird. Or I guess I could just write a longer bio haha
  24. I'll take a look in a few minutes. You clever one you. ;-)
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  25. Fixed.
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