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Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail

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    What is your name and what do you do in Senses Fail?

    My name is Buddy Nielsen and I sing for SF.

    Where are you currently?

    Working at a law office.

    How did you guys get on the Punisher soundtrack?

    I have no idea, Dan at Vagrant called us up and asked if we could get together a song for the movie and because we all love Punisher and it is a great opportunity, we got right on it.

    And what were your reactions when you found out?

    That the Punisher kills tons of people and we would be honored to be in his movie.

    Each SF album is a mild progression towards a heavier realm. Life Is Not a Waiting Room contains more shreddin’ than any previous effort and is, unmistakably, their strongest to date. What metal bands/albums influence your writing (on a conscious or subconscious level).

    Pantera, Metallica, Amon Amarth

    How else is the record different from your previous albums?

    I think it has a positive message of self examination and personal growth in overcoming obstacles and trying to look forward with hope.

    What was it like working with Brian McTernan again?

    Always an awesome experience working with him, he has become a very good friend to us and we respect and vaule is opinion when it comes to our music. If you don’t repspect and trust your producer there is no real reason to be working with him. Writing and recording a record can be very stressful and when you are doing it with a bunch of friends including the man behind the controls it takes away a lot of the pressure and makes it way more enjoyable.

    How has the reaction been so far for the new record?

    I think it has been received very well. Now that we have a couple records out it is always interesting and sometimes nerve racking to anticipate what the public is going to think of new material but we were confident when we finished that this was going to please the people the are supported us and for the people that don’t like us we hoped it would show our ability to be able to write good songs.

    If you have one concept/thing from the album you want the listeners to understand, what would it be?

    That through self examination and exploration you can get over a lot of the things that hold you down in life and that the past is something to learn from not to be buried by.

    What are some of your plans next year?

    Well, we are going on the Saints and Sinners tour in the winter, over seas till June and then Warped Tour.

    What exactly happened at the end of your show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz on Oct. 30? There was some obvious tension between the band and the security.

    Yeah they were fucking up the whole night, dropping kids, throwing them and putting them in choke holds. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for most of the set because as I am one to pay attention to how security is acting. When I was growing up going to shows we had an amazing bunch of security guys called the Peace Keepers and they looked after everybody and did an amazing job, so my expectations of conduct are high. Then finally straw was when a bouncer let a kid just fall flat on his face and then he tried to grab the mic or something and they attack him start punching him and that is when I jumped down there only to find that the guy looked smaller from the stage, haha. I was gonna be in deep shit real quick but everyone in the band came over with their guitars over there head and a couple other people as well but it didn’t stop the kid from getting put in a rear naked choke and almost passing out. At the same time that was happening some other dude came around the back side of the stage and started going after Heath and Jason who both raised their guitars as if they were swords and up in the sound booth one of the guys got a little aggressive with our sound guy. So basically it got a little weird for about 15min but no one was hurt.

    How did you guys meet Jason Black and what has he brought to the band performance-wise and writing-wise?

    We met Jason through Brian McTernan. He heard we needed a bass player and asked Brian to get in touch with us and see if we would be interested in jamming with him and of course we were and so on. Jason is such a great all around dude and he brings a force to be reckoned with on bass. It’s been a pleasure getting to know him and an honor to have such an accomplished musician in the band.

    What are some newer bands you would like to tour with?

    • Four Year Strong
    • Set Your Goals
    • Gaslight Anthem

    What are their favorite albums of 2008?

    • Songs To Scream At The Sun – Have Heart
    • Travels – Defeater
    • Meanderthal – Torche
    • The 59 Sound – Gaslight Anthem
    • Twilight Of The Thunder God – Amon Amarth
    • Aggression – Verse
    • Lucky – Nada Surf
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