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Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Bruce Springsteen has canceled his upcoming North Carolina show over their ridiculous new “bathroom” law:

    As you, my fans, know I’m scheduled to play in Greensboro, North Carolina this Sunday. As we also know, North Carolina has just passed HB2, which the media are referring to as the “bathroom” law. HB2 — known officially as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act — dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use. Just as important, the law also attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace. No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden. To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. Right now, there are many groups, businesses, and individuals in North Carolina working to oppose and overcome these negative developments. Taking all of this into account, I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. As a result, and with deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th. Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.

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  2. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Big move for the Boss. While I feel for the fans who had tickets to this show--especially knowing the hoops that a lot of people have to jump through to see Springsteen--what he said was right: some things are more important than rock concerts.
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  3. Derek

    Get stung

    Maybe a better move would have been donating proceeds of the concert to a LGBT organization? Glad hes standing up for what he believes in and drawing more attention to the injustices but it does suck for the fans. Especially those who traveled form other states and countries. Probably cant get a discount on the plane ticket.
  4. Louie

    Takes a Bit More

    Did he warn he would cancel the show if it passed? If not I def agree with this. I understand wanting to show support, I would too, but some people have to be out more than just the concert.
  5. Tata Toothy


    I agree with you.

    He's doing the right thing, but it's kind of sucks that he's canceling now for a show on Sunday. This should have been handled sooner.

    I remember hearing about this law, did it just pass yesterday or a few weeks ago? If it passed a few weeks ago he should have canceled then.
  6. skurt

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    I was passed on March 23rd, so there was plenty of time to cancel much farther in advance. waiting this long I feel it would have been better to do what a poster above said and donate a portion of profits to a LGBT rights organization.

    Respect to him for making a stand though.
  7. Nick

    @fangclubb Prestigious

    Good. NC should get absolutely no business until they repeal these horrifying decisions.
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  8. I think he did the right thing. He waited to see if some of the changes people at first thought would maybe "fix" this happened, they didn't, and he made a stand. I agree that this may be a set back for a few people or cost some people that bought tickets or traveled some money, however, I think framing the conversation around their pain of not seeing a concert instead of where the pain we should be talking about is the wrong way to take this conversation. I also don't think donating to a cause would have the same impact as financially hurting the state. If they see a financial impact (and more companies are acting against them as well), that's a good thing.

    I’m not jumping to conclusions here. An analysis of data compiled by the National Transgender Discrimination Survey last month shows that when young people are denied access to a restroom that aligns with their gender identity, their rates of suicide go up.

    Translation: not allowing trans youth to use a bathroom only perpetuates feelings of isolation or depression that lead 41% of transgender people to attempt kill themselves at some point in their lives, compared to the 4.6% in the general population.
    I'm with Bruce. This is more important than a rock concert.
  9. Tata Toothy


    I agree he did the right thing. It just stinks for the people finding out the day before that the show was canceled.
  10. Nick

    @fangclubb Prestigious

    They should, and everyone else, direct their ire towards the state of North Caroline then.
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  11. Timmiluvs

    I play video games fast Prestigious

    Love that he took this stand and did this. And I agree, if the fans should be angry at anybody it should be at NC for what they've done with this shitty law.
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  12. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Why, why, why is time being waisted on passing discriminatory laws when there is, ya know, positive things they could have passed?

    Bruce did the right thing. It's nice to see an older and more respected musician take a stand here.
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  13. crunchprank Prestigious

    I'll chime in seeing as I'm from NC and both me and my mom had tickets.

    I am not at all the least bit upset with Springsteen for what he did. I applaud his decision and he has my full support. And while me and my mom both feel a tad bit disappointed, not in his decision but in the fact we won't be able to see him perform, our disappointment is purely with my home state's decision on HB2. People who are upset over this need to be directing their frustrations with those responsible, not the artist for taking a necessary stand against pure hatred.

    Edit: I've also seen a bit of confusion from people regarding this, so I recommend this write up.
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  14. Raku


    I really hope more people (and possibly businesses) follow Bruce's actions until NC goes and repeals this horrible backwards law.
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