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  1. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I feel like the editing and delivery of lines was way, way quicker than normal, but idk if that's some kind of weird placebo effect or something.
  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Holt being against stop and frisk and being so incensed by not being able to fix things was great and depressed Holt was fascinating
    I think the way they reckon with the fact that all cops are bad but are pals at 99 are the best is still hard but I appreciate them doing it

    and Amy and Peralta's role playing was amazing
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  3. marissalg

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    loved it.
  4. Joe4th

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    I really need to start watching this
  5. personalmaps

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    I loved this. The bleeps came so close to actually making me do a spit take.
  6. GrantCloud


    so is this a show i can just pick up and start watching, or should i start from the beginning?
  7. Dirty Sanchez

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    Start from beginning.
  8. riotspray


    You should start from the beginning, but you "could" jump in and wouldn't be lost.
  9. imthesheriff

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    Holt saying legs akimbo fucking killed me.
  10. Kellan

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    Need that Pineapple shirt that Holt was wearing
  11. popdisaster00

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    So glad this is back
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  12. morgantayler

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    I died at Gina’s face when Boyle said “it eats us out” lmao
  13. simonthebutler


    This felt like it had never been away. I think the only weak bit was the Rosa/Terry scenes, they just felt like filler and an excuse to use them in the episode
  14. Serh

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    So that was an intro
  15. SteveLikesMusic

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    If this vans-a-rockin then my ex-wife’s-a ...out of her house
  16. popdisaster00

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    Crap, I am not used to this being on Thursdays now
  17. SteveLikesMusic

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    My wife and dad are here

    I mean
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  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Ellen Musk, season one winner of VH1's Queen Bitch
    some kind of Freaky Friday scenario where you switched places with horny singles in your area
    ya banned
    there's nothing sketchy about the beaver trap
    this is gonna be like The King's Speech before he lost all that weight I don't know I didn't see that movie
    I can't believe we let Hitchcock and Scully get the leg out on us it's like being outsmarted by a tomato
    I'm still with her
    don't chuckle a frown is a more appropriate response
    my wife and my dad are here I mean captain dad

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  19. Max_123

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    Busted out laughing at captain dad
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  20. tdlyon

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    Do we have any word on when Chelsea is actually leaving?
  21. Zilla


    I feel like they’re definitely being delivered at a faster clip than before. And it might just be me, but the scenes look like they’re lit a little bit darker.
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  22. llllllllllllllll


    I’ve binged my way onto S4 and these Halloween episodes just keep getting better and better
  23. Kellan

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    “Are you body shaming us?”
    “No I’m personality shaming you.”

    I loved the open too
  24. TEGCRocco


    "I have it set up to track all my friends, Jake. It's not just you"
    "Show me"
    "There's no time!"

    I'm so happy this show is back
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  25. spiffa0


    Loved getting some background on Hitchcock and scully
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