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Bring Back Comments on Front Page

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by The Format, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. The Format


    I personally liked reading comments/reactions on the front page. Anyone else?
  2. Matt

    Living with the land Supporter

  3. phaynes1


    Nope. The worst part of ap bar none. Glad they're gone.
  4. Sophos


    comments on front page drove me into manic depressive episodes on more than one occasion so no thanks
  5. heymattrick

    Sending my love

    Only problem with that is it only displays a small portion of the article. Totally understand the reasoning behind it. Hopefully soon the full news post can be viewed. Especially for tour dates posts, I can see challenges with only the first few lines of the article appearing in the discussion thread.
  6. Jason Tate Apr 1, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 1, 2016)
    I laid out my main reasons in the big post, but here's some more detail:

    It's a possibility in the future that I'll include a small link on each post that goes to the correct forum discussion page. I do not foresee any time where I'll put comments directly on the article themselves though (for quite a few reasons I can expand upon if anyone cares about that specific part). The truth is that right now I actually wanted to make that a little more difficult, by design. I wanted to separate the forums from the content because besides itself feeling outdated, the news comments were the hardest thing for me over the past few years. It was really hard on my mental health and I need a break from that for a little bit. It was draining to me on many occasions and was one of the main reasons I almost took a different job offer late last year. I don't think many know just how soul crushing some of that got.

    There's a good spot right by the social icons where a little "replies" icon and link could go. And maybe there will be by the end of this year, but, for right now, I just need a little break from that for a while. From the intensity and harshness of that being right in my face all the time.

    I wanna make sure we get this forum up and running as best we can, that it's got good moderators, that the conversations are positive, and that I'm enjoying writing and publishing again. Then I'll slowly tackle that kind of stuff and see if that's something worth doing. If the culture here is great, and the moderators can handle it, and the other things I have in place to deal with people not being able to just create lots of throw away accounts to harass people are working, then we've got some options.

    Hope that makes more sense.
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  7. That's on my list to do in the near future. I did it for a few reasons right now - some technical (there's much more formatting in the new news articles (like the table effect I put on tour dates for example) and I'll have to do some testing of articles and what gets pulled in and how and what it looks like and what kind of extra style stuff or stripping I need to do. I need more news imported first before I can do all that and the test cases. I also need more time - haha.

    The other is a byproduct, and kind of selfish. I want people to get in the habit of checking the homepage for news right now instead of just browsing that forum for headlines. I really like the homepage and put a lot of time it being a great place to read news and articles and I really want that to be where people first read things and not in a forum post - if that makes sense - especially long form stuff.

    Long story short: I plan to fix it in some way soon to handle all this better, expanding the blurb, and handling different styles. But it may take some time.
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  8. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I felt weird liking this so I undid it , sorry you felt bad about yourself because people suck
  9. Sophos


    lol i know what the like meant dont worry!:clap:
  10. TellYourFriends

    Lexington, KY Prestigious

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  11. Sophos


    bring back personal life
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  12. The Format


    That makes sense. I've been a daily AbsolutePunker for years so I like the familiarity and simplicity of the site. There's always an adjustment period so I'm sure that get used to this too. I just like reading the articles or watching the videos then see people either rip it apart or praise it - there's not usually too much in the middle.
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  13. Jakobindeed

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    Bring back show reviews/setlists original name campaign 2k16
  14. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    While we're at it, let's just go back to Change is bad and everything should be the same forever

    I like the linking to discussion. Idea tho
  15. Tata Toothy Apr 1, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 1, 2016)
    Tata Toothy


    Personally I like this setup better. After awhile people will forget about the old layout and come to enjoy this new site.

    I love the new setup, it's simple yet looks really nice and it's been easy to navigate.

    Edit: for people who don't like the new setup, should just book mark the article discussion forum and view everything that way instead of the main homepage. That way you don't miss any news and you comment right there.
  16. bring back scene points
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  17. hauspunk


  18. The Format


  19. ForestOfAllusion

    Old Aesthetic Prestigious

    I think comments sections to news stories downplay the importance of the news. On AP, the comments to some of the actual news were pretty disgusting at times, let us not forget about Warped last summer. If something is to be said about something, I think a thread can be created here for discussions, but I support no comments on the front page. Not talking about AP directly but from other news based sites; nothing hurts me more than to read some eloquent news story set to inform, and then the comment section just be a biased mess of misinformation.
  20. jorbjorb

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    yep. Glad they're gone.
  21. Brandon Allin

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    Not missing them.
  22. I like you.
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  23. mouood

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  24. muttley

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    No please.
    I actually don't even know what this is, but I'm sure it'll make me feel like a creep for lurkin'.
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  25. ARX39

    Newbie Prestigious

    best thing about the new site is the lack of comments on news posts. lot of times it resembled YouTube comments.
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