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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Hugh Jass, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Hugh Jass


    In my opinion, this new web design sucks - it reeks of web 3.0: minimalistic and huge elements throughout.
    No comments under articles, the red color scheme was a lot nicer too IMO. It's just a classic case of 'don't fix what isn't broken'.

    Also, before you say 'don't like it here, don't visit', well I wouldn't come here if AbsolutePunk was still up.
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  2. Alec Joy

    Regular Prestigious

    o k
  3. Dean

    Trusted Prestigious

  4. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Start your own site?
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  5. Nick

    @fangclubb Prestigious

    This site is too easy to use imo. Spend way too much time on it.
  6. Dominick

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Co-opting this to make it a Vince Staples thread:

  7. Smittzerland

    First time long time (FKA musicfan9795) Prestigious

    Summertime '06 is a stellar record.
  8. Aj LaGambina

    Hey man, we all can't be like you Supporter

    Never really listened to Vince Staples before, but that song was a jam.
  9. Seeing Vince Staples next month at Boston Calling and I cannot wait.
  10. Smittzerland

    First time long time (FKA musicfan9795) Prestigious

    I'm debating whether or not I'll go to Boston Calling.
  11. morningstar10


    I saw him live and he didn't play this, people were shouting 'Jump off the roof!!' at the end, and he just looked at the crowd and said 'I don't know that song' smiled and left.
  12. morningstar10


    Also where the fuck is the leaked threads on this site, I need that new Brian Fallon EP that came out on RSD.
  13. elphshelf

    100% made of farts Supporter

    Isn't your brother I.P. Freely?
  14. Miss Heartcore

    Let's build something Together Prestigious

    You could totally comment on articles if you actually looked around a little bit
  15. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    what's absolutepunk?
  16. J.C.

    adorkable Prestigious

    i'm looking for amanda hugginkiss
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  17. Miss Heartcore

    Let's build something Together Prestigious

    I'm trying to find Seymour Butts
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  18. AndrewSoup

    It's A Secret To Everyone Prestigious

    fav track off the record
  19. :blank:
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  20. Ok, just one more comment...

    ... it was broken ...

    Horrifically, horribly, completely broken.
  21. Iago

    forbidden chalice.

    Like its namesake, it keeps popping up in my head. Such a wonderful design.

    Also, if ya' don't like the color scheme, I guarantee that you'll adore dark mode. That alone outclasses AP.
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  22. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Supporter

    SO GO SUPPORT SO YOU CAN GET DARK MODE. IT'S WORTH IT. atleast I think only supporters get it? can't remember

    I didn't like it at 1st but now I won't go back.
  23. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

  24. Iago

    forbidden chalice.

    Only supporters and prestigious members, I believe.

    Also, I'm in the same camp. I didn't really mind it until @Jose sent me a screenshot of a thread on Facebook and I was exposed to the normal theme after being away from it for 2 weeks. It fits perfectly. Dark Mode 4ever
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  25. Just supporters have access to "Dark Mode" at the moment.

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This thread is locked and not open for further replies.