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Brian Fallon Postponing Shows, Doing ‘The ’59 Sound’ Livestream

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Brian Fallon has postponed more of his upcoming tour, but announced a The ’59 Sound livestream on February 3rd.


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  2. lava890

    Regular Supporter

    Excited he’s doing the livestream, but I was disappointed with the Horrible Crowes one. It was basically him in his living room with a webcam set up. That’s fine, but don’t charge the same $20 as the livestreams from other artists in the scene that have had way higher production values set in a theater or studio with actual camera shots.
  3. transrebel59


    I'm gonna agree with the above post. I'm a major fan of his but I was shocked at the quality of his previous stream. I've watched The Midnight, Lydia, Dua Lipa, and The Maine's live shows and while I don't expect his style of music to have the production of those artists, I expected more than something that looked like a facetime call.