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    which location do you work near?
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    oh crazy, didn't even know they put one there! I grew up in Santa Barbara so I know the downtown one there the best
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    I haven’t really thought of doing a rewatch of this, but I wonder how much it would matter to be fresh when watching this. I’ve only gone through once fully.
  4. Ah yes I've been to the SB one. The Westlake one opened up in 2015 I wanna say? It's pretty nice.
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    This is getting a one weekend theatrical release the same weekend it drops on Netflix, and it just happens to be playing at the theater I have to drive by on my way to work every day. Might actually hit that up
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    Five years after Breaking Bad went off the air, the distinctive vehicle had — suddenly and mysteriously — reappeared in town outside a diner on a main road.
    Soo definitely sounds like we're getting a flashback scene, making me wonder if we'll have a Walter White cameo after all

    That quote is referring to the RV, btw, not the El Camino
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    Finishing up season 2 for my rewatch. Mostly great, but I'm disappointed with Jane's characterization this time around. She's set up as a recovering addict, so her relapse storyline works, but her last episode it paints her as just a conniving person and it doesn't quite work. It makes her feel like just a plot device for Jesse & Walt more than someone with actual depth and motivation of her own.
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    It did feel like a sudden shift in character, but we also need to remember that addiction affects everyone differently, and combined with fear of going to rehab, people do desperate things. I had a relative who broke into my uncle's house and robbed him and his wife due to his addiction.

    But as someone who hasn't personally experienced addiction, I can't really say how realistic it is that her character changed that quickly
  11. Morrissey


    Jane was a poorly written character, and the planes crashing into each other was a low part of the show. The whole idea of foreshadowing it for an entire season was a terrible bait-and-switch.
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    Turns out the Alamo next door to me is showing El Camino. So, uh, grabbing tickets to that.
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    No theater in my state so I guess it's my living room!
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    I can't remember; was Marie aware that Jesse was staying at their house? Seems like this movie could be over in five minutes if he just has her corroborate his story.
  16. Maverick


    They didn’t mention Walter White on the radio? Or is he one of 9 bodies?
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    She absolutely knew Hank had taken Jesse in. However I don’t think she got any of the details in their time together, and wouldn’t have anything to corroborate. Hank and Gomez recorded Jesse’s confession in their living room but the Nazi’s retrieved that tape.

    All Marie knows is that her husband took a drug addict in, and the next day he’s dead and Jesse’s long gone. She’d have no reason to trust/care for him.
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    I'm 99% sure they won't but this is an instant fail if Walt is still alive.

    I'm really excited though. And I'm glad they've barely given anything away.
  20. Morrissey


    If Jesse says he was being held hostage by Nazis and Marie says that he was working with the police, that makes it much less likely they would try to charge him for the murders.
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    And then we saw the nazi’s watching the tape, so the police will probably find it at the compound.

    Also, why is Jesse’s head shaved in the trailer? Is that the first thing he did after leaving? The one behind the scenes picture I saw, he had his long hair from the final episode.
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  22. Love reading some good ole BB speculation where we will all be extremely wrong
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    Following Walter in BB there was alot of physical acting. It seemed really important to Gilligan’s directorial style. Is it as present in BCS? It might be interesting to watch a script in this style with Pinkman as the lead, and how differently things may feel or play out, as obviously his personality is alot different than Walt’s.
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    Whatever was playing in that teaser, I need to hear the full version