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Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Book

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by tucah, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. tucah Mar 30, 2016
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    The Cosmere is the intertwined universe in which most of Brandon Sanderson's fantasy works take place. Many of the works take place on separate worlds but there are threads that tie the works together. Currently available books are:

    Mistborn series:

    The Final Empire
    The Well of Ascension
    The Hero of Ages

    The Alloy of Law
    The Shadows of Self
    The Bands of Morning

    Secret History (Novella)

    The Stormlight Archive:

    The Way of Kings
    Words of Radiance
    Rhythm of War

    Stand-Alone Novels:

    The Emperor's Soul (Novella)
    Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Novella)
    Sixth of the Dusk (Novella)

    Books in the near future include a standalone White Sand graphic novel series, the third of ten Stormlight Archive books and a final book in the second timeline of the Mistborn series.
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  2. Garrett

    i tore a hole in the fabric of time Moderator

    Currently reading Warbreaker, I'm up to date on The Stormlight Archive (:hearteyes:), and still working through the first Mistborn Trilogy. I'm here for this. I've also got Elantris on my shelf. I'm hoping to at least get all the Cosmere reading done in 2016.
  3. tucah

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    I'm about 2/3 through the second Mistborn book right now and I've also ready Way of Kings, with my goal to also try and get through all of the Cosmere by the end of the year. I think my current plan is rest of Mistborn -> reread Way of Kings -> WoR -> second Mistborn trilogy + Secret History -> standalone stuff.
  4. Garrett

    i tore a hole in the fabric of time Moderator

    @Vivatoto recommends reading Warbreaker before WoR. I'm not to the part yet that makes him say that though, but figured I'd mention it.
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  5. Vivatoto

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    All of these are so great. Very curious about my man Hoid, can't wait for his origin story. Have to assume that will change everything.

    I've read the first Mistborn trilogy, both Stormlights, Elantris, Warbreaker, and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. I also have the unpublished version of White Sand...not sure how canon that will be.

    Shadows is more or less a fantasy horror story. So definitely recommend
  6. tucah

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    Good to know, I'll slot that in after finishing Misborn then.
  7. Vivatoto

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    Started White Sand...the novel not the graphic novel. Great so far, very happy to be reading Sanderson's fantasy again. Been a few months
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  8. Old Fuck


    Just recently started mistborn. I loved the stormlight books but I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I am. I'm assuming it only gets better from here?
  9. Vivatoto

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    I thought so, specifically I liked the second book the most, but before I read it I was worried because I saw some negative reviews online. I don't agree with them.
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  10. Vivatoto

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    Ok so now I'm actually reading White Sand, got caught up with new releases. Anyway, that reminded me to check and I noticed the completion bar moved to 58% for Stormlight 3's first draft. Hooray!

    Also a Stormlight novella is 100% done and I don't recall word of him working on that
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  11. tucah

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    I finished up the main Mistborn trilogy some time ago and took a break for some other stuff. Probably start a WoK reread soon, excited to eventually work my way to PoR, which I had read a couple hundred pages of but then things came up and I ended up dropping and never got around to. I don't know how I've gone this long without completing it because I liked what I read and loved WoK.
  12. tucah

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    The Stormlight novella is in this compilation of mostly previously released short works:


    coming out in November. List of its short stories:

    “The Hope of Elantris” (Elantris)
    “The Eleventh Metal” (Mistborn)
    “The Emperor’s Soul” (Elantris)
    “Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 through 30” (Mistborn)
    “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” (Threnody)
    “Sixth of Dusk” (First of the Sun)
    “Mistborn: Secret History” (Mistborn)
    "Edgedancer" (Stormlight Archives)
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  13. Vivatoto

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    Oh yeah, I remember hearing about this but not being sure what it contained. I've read most of them but only in e-book form so that will be nice to own.
  14. Vivatoto

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    The graphic novel for White Sand is out today, I think I have it coming in the mail tomorrow. The book was great so I'm very much looking forward to it.

    Also, Stormlight update

    "I’m still plugging away at this. Stormlight books are LONG and very involved. I’m almost done with Part Two of the book. Stormlight books have five sections, though the last one is usually very short, so the end of Part Two puts me at halfway. (Though my percentage bar is closer to 60%, as the first two parts were pretty long. Three and four should be shorter.) I’m hoping to finish sometime later this year, with a 2017 release. You can watch the progress bar on my website for more details!"
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  15. Vivatoto

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    Read the first book in the second Mistborn trilogy today. Really good but didn't hold a candle to the original trilogy.
  16. tucah

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    I've recently went through a few more of his works - as far as novels, Elantris and Warbreaker. It was pretty interesting to read two of his works focusing on fallen gods and gods in their prime back to back, both were great - well developed systems of magic, a good sense of the world and mostly pretty likable main characters. In particular I loved Warbreaker, I feel that there's really a lot more you could explore with that world. I'd really like to see the sequel someday.

    I also read The Emperor's Soul. Forgery is a fascinating concept and Shai was great as well.

    Now I'm on to a reread of The Way of Kings, can't wait to finally get through and finish Words of Radiance.
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  17. tucah

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    I'm working through Words of Radiance but more important news:

    DMG Nabs Rights to Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Cosmere’ Book Universe in Massive Deal (EXCLUSIVE)

    DMG Entertainment bought the rights to the Cosmere, putting up half the money needed for the first three films in a franchise. The first two announced are The Way of Kings, fast-tracked with writers and producers in place so presumably coming first, and The Final Empire (no screenwriter yet so not quite as far along).

    I'm curious to see how this pans out, and how much is changed/material is covered in a movie - for example there's a lot of stuff to cover in TWoK, don't know how that translates to a 2.5 hour movie.
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  18. tucah

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    Sanderson's answering some questions about the movie deal on reddit right now, most interesting comment so far:

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  19. Vivatoto

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    That's great news. I still think we need a Mistborn video game, everything about that magic system feels like it was made for one. I think I might be most excited about seeing The Final Empire...That world is going to be so hard to recreate but if they do it right it's going to be beautiful (in a dull, dusty, gray sort of way)
  20. Vivatoto

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    Looking forward to Arcanum Unbound next week. I checked out his site today and the percentage bar for Stormlight 3 First Draft now says 93%!!
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  21. tucah

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    I'm getting fairly excited too, trying to blast through Words of Radiance this weekend (man I've been reading this book for a while, hah, but it's so good!) so I can be all ready for the Starlight novella.

    WoR Part 3 spoilers: THAT 4v1 AT THE END OF THE SECTION THOUGH
    Really excited to see where this thing goes from here.
  22. Vivatoto

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    The climatic battles at the end of that book are so exciting it's ridiculous.
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  23. Garrett

    i tore a hole in the fabric of time Moderator

    Words of Radiance's climax is stupid good.
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  24. tucah

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    Got my copy of Arcanum Unbounded, seems like a really well put together collection. Little intros to all of the systems, all sorts of pictures, and of course the new Stormlight story.

    I still have Part 5 to go, but I expect that I'll breeze through that later today because it's getting SO GOOD, then read Edgedancer.
  25. tucah

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    and finally done with Words of Radiance, I couldn't put it down for the remainder. Holy shit, what a climax.

    Exciting battles! Radiants returning! NIGHTBLOOD! Jasnah!

    Loved it, why did I ever drop this book in the first place. Thankfully Sanderson is incredibly upfront about his progress, kind of glad I put this off for so long so I only have a year or so to wait for the next one.

    Now I'm ready to crack into Arcanum Unbounded, hopefully skipping over anything spoiler-y for the second Mistborn trilogy, though the first order of business is Edgedancer ASAP.
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