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Brand New to Release New Song on Friday

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 16, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. yeahrightdude

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    Finally! Super cool art too
  3. noKings


  4. smowashere

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    I'm not even a big Brand New fan, but this is exciting.

    HERE. WE. GO.
  5. dubey


    Me likey
  6. brandon

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    Hell to the yes!!
  7. shea

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    Imgur Image
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  8. dmplly


    This is a nice surprise. How long has it been since mene? Over a year?
  9. ReiAndCoke


    Shit that preview sounds awesome. Completely changing their sound yet again -- love this.
  10. Matt504

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    The best news today, even better then the Switchfoot/Relient K tour...
  11. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    I saw the article on Twitter, and literally gasped when I saw it.
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  12. KingofSpain

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  13. panthersoup

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    To sum up my feelings as eloquently as I possibly can: ADSFDGOJOGJORJLN<DSFMDS<FN<NDF
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  14. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    That 30 second preview is fascinating. Huge chorus. Really surprising left turn in direction for them, coming off Daisy and then Mene to go for a straight forward rock track. Into it.
  15. Maybevictor

    @maybevictor Prestigious

    30 second clip points to another complete reinvention of their sound... amazing.
  16. SayHello


    Holy shit. I wouldn't say the clip sounds like a complete reinvention, but it does sound like it exists somewhere between Deja and TDAG with a tad more of subdued-ness and more of an emphasis on a hook / making something catchy. Guess this all but confirms hat they'll have an album out for the Modest Mouse tour.
  17. Kevin360

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    I'm just sitting here smiling.
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  18. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Maybe this will be the moment I finally give them a chance
  19. PatRFinley

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    This is a good monday
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  20. billyboatman

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    Looking foward to it. Hopefully a record announcement will soon follow
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  21. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can.

    Oh man, hope this thread doesn't take too much thunder away from the 90's swing music revival discussion.
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  22. Saephon


    Say hello to's first 700 page thread.
  23. Mibabalou

    MUFC / NYRB Prestigious

    Very interesting...

    Hard to put my finger on what that sounds like, a bit of YFW, and Daisy and Mene. Really excited!!!
  24. jlinitz

    John Linitz @jlinitz

    WOOO! Here we go boys and girls
  25. AshlandATeam


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