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Brand New Announce New Album and Tour Dates • Page 7

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Bayside 182

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    Does anyone know if they posted the dates this will be released on minidisc?
  2. The Format


  3. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    the purchase of vinyl comes with a download of the album, there is literally no need to worry, it will happen
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  4. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    I'm super excited to finally get a new album from them, but I am feeling incredibly fed up with the fact it is unnecessarily difficult to support this band in the simplest of ways. I just want to pre-order the album, know what I'm getting with it, and know when it's coming out.

    None of this really bothered me when it was the lyrics booklets or the special little cassette releases, but for some reason that this is happening with a full-length is just really irksome to me.
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  5. Ska Senanake


    I can't wait for new music. My expectations aren't extremely high, however I would love to be blown away. Regardless, this release to me feels like the cherry on top to one of my favorite bands absolutely delicious discographies. I just hope we get at least 2 epic tracks like Nobody Moves or Luca (or 70% of TDAG lol).
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  6. teebs41

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    Subbing bc a friend told me to
  7. NationalPhenomenon

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    Gotta get that Brand New fix!
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  8. billyboatman

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    What do you know, Jason!!!
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  9. Kevin360

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  10. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    What did I miss here??
  11. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Chicago tickets are available in the presale right now for those who couldn't get them earlier.
  12. AAstra


    Philly is sold out already and of course are on StubHub for $100 minimum.
  13. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    Shut your shit the record is amazing and they can do whatever the fuck they want.
  14. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    I love how you just called yourself out.
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  15. rxbandit89 Aug 20, 2017
    (Last edited: Aug 20, 2017)

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    There are some people that just gotta be put in their place.
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