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  1. Fucking Dustin

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    I didn't even think of that...holy hell news for Brand New happened and Chorus had zero downtime. Good riddance Absolutepunk.
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  2. crunchprank Prestigious

    Pretty bummed I wasn't able to grab a pre-order, but trying to not let that distract me from the bigger news, which is new jams very soon™!
  3. Dirty Sanchez

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    This news would have shut down ap for a week.
  4. circasurviver


    I can't wait to sell my vinyl on eBay
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  5. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    Wait... What's the album titled?
  6. Dirty Sanchez

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  7. Your apparent calmness is beautiful and amusing.
  8. To Know Anything is to Know Nothing
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  9. Orla

    right on!

    I would've been freaking out a few years ago when I was heavily into both Brand New and collecting records. Still, this news has me smiling quite a bit!
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  10. Blake Solomon

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    How did it get this way with them? The demo leaks? I don't know why they are the only "enigmatic" band left in this scene. "Here's a thing you can't get, with no information, now go crazy and pay 400 for it in 4 months on ebay."

    I don't know, IM sure the album will be good, but their sort of tortured genius vibe got old a long time ago.
  11. Drew Beringer

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  12. Saephon


    Hahaha. I was gonna say... how are we only 5 pages in, guys? This community used to break servers and fill up dozens of pages worth of insignificant complaining over this band! SAD!


    That is such a Brand New move. Super limited vinyl. Being Super cryptic and illusive. :crylaugh:
  14. Heh, well between this post, supporter BN thread, BN thread, and the album thread ... there's been like a thousand posts already. The servers just handled it better.
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  15. tyramail

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    Vinyl Collecive servers did not handle it better, it crashed for awhile ha. Bravo, Chorus.
  16. So nice to finally be able to run a server myself and actually optimize it. Stupid AP.
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  17. cwhit

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    they also had to deal with converge preorders, which is also a huge deal there

    plus i mean, SRC runs that site, of course it sucks
  18. ihaveblink


    well it only took them 8 years to follow up Daisy.
  19. TedMosby


    Did they say who they're touring with? Curious for the Detroit date
  20. serotonin

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    I seriously don't get the very limited thing. I remember asking Jesse about the Deja vinyl low production issue back on... 7/30/2008 and he talked about how badly he wanted the album to be out there for people to purchase rather than buying off scalpers on eBay. And here we are again?
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  21. Ferrari333SP

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    Who's more popular on this site, Brand New or Blink?
  22. Cody

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    lol, waiting to hear songs is going to make you have to shell out hundreds. not the most sound thinking here
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  23. cwhit

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    might actually let him pay less, since there could be a non-limited copy by then
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  24. Cody

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  25. Malatesta

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    people wonder why i'm only a medium fan of brand new it's probably because i see what they do to their fans lol

    edit: also cause their music is mostly ok-decent
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