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  1. Horrorca


    I like this better than Mene
  2. DarjoHabal


    There definitely isn't much to this song but I still enjoy it so far.
  3. ianebaldwin @ianebaldwin Supporter

  4. Ben Lee

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    Really like the song. Really looking forward to what's next.

    This doesn't seem too weird to me though. I remember in an interview that Jesse had said there were two roads they could have taken after TDAGARIM, one being Daisy and then a phantom different route. I thought he made a reference to going back to that split and traveling the other road when the time for new music comes. Maybe I'm remembering wrong?

    If that's the case, then I feel like this makes sense. Either way, new Brand New is always good!
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  5. tdlyon

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    I've never been a huge Brand New fan but this straight up sounds like an Alkaline Trio song to me

    So I really like it
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  6. GameOfThrones


    never heard of this band but it sounds good
  7. Mr. Serotonin

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  8. feraldolce


    Agreed. It's more melodic, less angry, and reminds me of "Archers," which was easily one of my favorite tracks off DaG. Also kinda reminds me of Kevin Devine's "Private First Class." I don't know if it's the meter or some of the melodies, but I'm so happy with this. I hope it's indicative of the full album.
  9. noKings


    We'll all like it more with time.
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  10. TheZeroKid

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    I could dig a catchy Brand New record, if this song and Mene are any indication of the overall sound of the album. I also kind of feel this album will be all over the place. There will definitely be some dark, sad songs on here for sure, this is Brand New we're talking about. I'm just so glad we're getting a new Brand New album (and a new Thrice album, and we got a new Radiohead album).
  11. I like it. There's more to like with every listen. Exciting times!
  12. OotyPa


    lmfao the comment on the bandpage link
  13. Chinesefood


    Am I alone in not wanting this to be Brand New's sound? Compared to songs like "Luca" this is garbage.
  14. Youarcade

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    Now glassjaw needs to release a second new song.
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  15. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    Sounds like a cross between Alkaline Trio and REM. I was expecting a darker one, but I'm totally fine with this punk-ish side of theirs.
  16. dee

    I can feel the butterflies.

    I'm a huge fan of that album and was hoping for that same dark sound too, but come on it's Brand New! I'd give them a free pass even if it wasn't what I'd hoped for. In fact I quite like this.
  17. Damien Davies

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    Maybe I'm ignorant but I never thought of Brand New as a post-hardcore band
  18. mattylikesfilms


    haha definitely not but most sites that aren't deeply rooted in "the scene" will label bands "indie", "emo", or "post hardcore" randomly. I once saw Saves The Day labeled on a site as post hardcore so lol.
  19. mattylikesfilms


    A Summer of new Glassjaw and Brand New records sounds like heaven.
  20. Tata Toothy


    It's one song man, who knows if this is the direction the whole cd goes in. It's okay to not enjoy this song, but we don't know what direction brand new is going with this album.

    We should wait to hear the whole cd before making drastic judgements on their "sound".
  21. Mike


    I'm conflicted. This is my first reaction as well. However, I didn't like Daisy when it was first released and after I revisited it about a year or two later, it became my favourite Brand New album. So I'm going into this release with an open mind but I definitely don't like some of the vocal layering that brings it back to more Deja, feels like a regression. We'll see what the rest of the album sounds like before I make any sort of judgement. Even with my (minor) disappointment it's still a decent song, just not what I was expecting from Brand New after DAG and Daisy.
  22. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    This is so, so bad. Ugh.
  23. schackbr


    not really a fan. i have higher expectations for this band.

    i feel like if any other band released this most people wouldn't even take a second listen. there's not much there.
  24. Ska Senanake


    I remember reading that as well.
  25. NewSurrender

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    Good song! I like it