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Brand New – “I am a Nightmare”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 17, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. downpat75


    Holy shit. This is good.
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  3. lolfpcmlol


    This is really good. Somehow feels like a step forward but very much like old brand new. Mature old brand new i guess? Either way, it's stellar.
  4. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    And it's great
  5. See ya on page 30!
  6. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    I like the guitar, I'm not sure how I feel about the affectation Jesse puts on his voice. I also just told my class to shut up while I played the song
  7. Xardra


    I like it, a lot
  8. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    Major REM vibes here.

    Love it. NEED an album though.
  9. RunInTheFront

    I'm interested, but uninteresting. Prestigious

  10. Expanse


    Not bad. Was kind of hoping they pulled another Daisy and did whatever they wanted, though. This seems a little straightforward.
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  11. quietwords

    RIP EmoPunkKid28: 2002-2016 Prestigious

    Can't listen at work, but instantly preordered the single.
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  12. Dave Dykstra


    This is killer.. Feel like this could be like a more mature Deja.. which I would be very on board for
  13. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    They fact that they are selling this single as a 12-inch does not bode well for a new album announcement, correct?

  14. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

  15. bptky May 17, 2016
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    Daayumn. Between this and that "Mene" track they released last year, I can't argue against the direction these guys are progressing as a band. Seems more simplistic and straightforward.
  16. Kizwiz


    It's good that they're going for the catchier hooks again.
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  17. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    not at all, imo, just a nice, big, single.
  18. ibanez966


    I guess they use the same management company as blink?
  19. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    I don't hate this.
  20. Brenden

    Trusted Prestigious

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  21. nsgob22

    Newbie Supporter

    @Jason Tate with this and the Blink news I am on Chorus but my brain keeps thinking I need to go to AP to see how people are reacting.
  22. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Not a huge fan of them, but I really dig this song
  23. ibanez966


  24. Timmiluvs

    I play video games fast -- @Timmiluvs Prestigious

    Well I'll be damned.

    It's good, real good. I think I like "Mene" more, but no doubt this is one of the best hooks they've written in a while.
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  25. I dig it.