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Boys Night Out - Black Dogs Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by 0rb, May 16, 2016.

  1. 0rb

    is this a dream? ✫・゜

    Who else is so stoked this is actual real life?

    July 8th!
  2. Finally! I can't wait.
  3. DesolateEarth


    New song coming next Wednesday according to their Facebook page. Unbelievably pumped.
  4. I'm very interested in hearing where they went with this.
  5. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

  6. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    I am excited
  7. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Songs great, more old sounding less S/T.
  8. Tyler

    Regular Supporter

    New song sounds pretty good. Their self titled didn't grab me like Trainwreck did but I'm looking forward to hearing new music.
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  9. Pretty good. Sounds a bit generic but I'm still excited to hear the whole thing.
  10. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Loving this new song! Sounds like what should have came after Trainwreck.
  11. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Song's pretty solid!
  12. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Surprised to see people saying this had Trainwreck vibes, definitely sounds more Self-Titled to me. It's great though. Wish it was a full length, but just so happy to get some new tunes from the dudes
  13. White

    Cum for the Cum God. Prestigious

  14. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

  15. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Thanks Mick!
  16. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    No prob buddy.

    I like the first half more than the second, but another awesome song. Need this EP in my life
  17. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Did anyone watch Connor and Ben's youtube show Skittlebrau that came out in 2008? I remember really liking it, going to have to rewatch soon

    Skittlebrau - Season 01 - YouTube
  18. I like both songs so I Might preorder this.
  19. unbornwhiskey


    all of the songs are so good
  20. OotyPa

    fall away

    pumped for this. the new song gave me a crime in stereo vibe
  21. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Actually getting more of a Vendetta Red vibe from the song, but fuck yeah. Bummed this is only 6 songs
  22. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    EP stream on Alt Press later today, can't wait to finally hear this whole thing
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  23. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    Shit, did not realize this came out so soon. Stoked for it. Really like what I've heard so far.
  24. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    This is so good. Such a great profession from train wreck.
  25. 0rb

    is this a dream? ✫・゜

    EP of the year, 100%