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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by OhTheWater, Mar 25, 2016.

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  2. Tenshin threw that haymaker and Floyd immediately turned it on
  3. Broner really thought he won that fight lmaooooo
  4. Fuck I totally forgot about this fight
  5. GGG just signed a huge deal with DAZN which can mean another rematch with Canelo. I'd imagine it would mean that at least.
  6. DAZN just doubled their membership price to 19.99.

  7. Unless they’re planning/getting another major sport (NBA, NHL, MLB, whatever) they can fuck off with that price.

    $10 was fine. I didn’t mind that price point.

    DAZN in Canada is FAR superior than in the US. They get a ton of other sports including NFL games with Red Zone.

    Also they announced this just random as hell. Could’ve at least announced it with a big fight or something.
  8. $100 for the year is fine but I really wish they’d raise the quality of their main events or announce some more stuff.

    I’d have no problem dropping that if I knew the quality was going to be -good- for the year.
  9. They have been signing such mega fuckin deals, I guess they had to? Idk this doesn't look good.

    Did you know DAZN has rights to WWE in Japan??
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    Went to my first boxing class today. Fat as hell and out of shape so it killed my ass but super enjoyable. Definitely going back.
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    Damn, Vasyl. That was a nasty knockout.
  12. Mannnnnn. Lame
  13. Was just about to ask you if you watched the Khan fight, what the fuck happened.
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    go Joshua tbh.
  15. Would be shocked if Ruiz made it out of the first three rounds
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    Should be pretty exciting
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    Well there's the first one
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    Looooveeee how Ruiz is just going for it
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  22. What were the odds on this!?

  23. Ruiz was a +900 when I checked last
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    Heavyweight division is now all chaos