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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by OhTheWater, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Holy fucking shit
  2. Ferrari333SP

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    Ruiz grabbed this opportunity and took it with all his might - amazing
  3. Wilder and Fury gonna talk mad shit lmao
  4. phaynes12

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    that was insane. the face from joshua afterwards was pure "fuck, i got worked"
  5. Rematch in the UK later this year
  6. phaynes12

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    so how does this "work." who gets the first shot out of wilder or fury?

    fuck this was so much fun
  7. llllllllllllllll


    holy fuck
  8. Ferrari333SP

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    "New rumours that AJ had a bad cold/virus only literally on Thursday. May explain why he went out like a light once punched-with no defence/hunger at all! Million miles from previous performances we have seen. Ruiz wasn't that good- he was lucky as AJ gave away his belts!!"

    Could be some truth to this - did seem pretty bizarre how little hunger AJ appeared to show throughout the fight
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    Highlight video

  10. 333 GANG


    My god
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  11. Ferrari333SP

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    Challenger was undefeated, and Fury just dismantled him like a toy in the 2nd round. His rematch with WIlder needs to happen
  12. Ferrari333SP

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    Great challenge by Wallin to Fury, but fatigued too much in the later rounds. Has a great career ahead of him though. Weird how the announcers not once mentioned Joshua or Ruiz
  13. That was a very entertaining fight. Can't wait for Fury/Wilder.
  14. I feel terrible about Patrick Day... what a horrible horrible situation. I watched the KO myself and I havent read any feedback but I think the ref did a terrible job personally.
  15. Ferrari333SP

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    How fast does Wilder finish this one...
  16. Ferrari333SP

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    WOW. One punch
  17. Very impressive. He was patient, felt him out and popped him when the time was right.
  18. Andy Ruiz weighed in at 283 :crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh: god bless this man
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    You would think he might have tried to actually lose a bit of weight, so he could move and punch a bit faster, but alas, he's doin' his own thing, hahaha

    Still incredibly stoked for this fight though; Joshua will be on a mission to make sure another loss doesn't happen
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  20. OhTheWater

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    At the Williams fight in Philly. B Hop and Danny Garcia are here
  21. Whos everyone got this weekend?
  22. Ferrari333SP

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    Fury; I think he has the motivation to get the KO
  23. Steve_JustAGuy


    True toss up, but I guess I'll go Wilder. I'm not sure Fury gets up this time if Wilder connects and I'm not sure he'll be able to get out of the way. That said, if Fury is bulking up to 270, like he's claimed, to fight on the inside he could definitely take it. All that said, I think Wilder finds him at least once and puts him away, but I'm prepared to be wrong.
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  25. Going Wilder but wouldn’t be surprised at Fury winning