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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Chaplain Tappman, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Serh

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    Y'all wanna see Toy Story 4 on Tuesday

  2. Brent

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    Anyone want a ticket for sad summer today? I don’t feel like driving out anymore.
  3. congruence

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    What up everyone, I haven't posted in this thread before I don't think (but I recognize some names from the NBA thread and from some other parts of the site)..I was wondering if anyone was familiar with "Out of the Blue too Art Gallery" In Allston? I am supposed to play a show there with a bunch of random acts and was wondering if anyone has any insight on the space or if anyone was looking for something to do on December 28th, I can hit you link with a link for cheap tickets (don't want to post here to spam but I think it could be a cool experience so PM if interested).
  4. EarthShifts


    This place used to be in Central Square. I played a set there once and have seen some friends bands play.

    A few years back the owner was accused of sexually assaulting someone, and that was the last thing I had heard. I don’t know whatever came of it, and I didn’t realize that they moved.
  5. SaveTheEarth

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    Yeah, there were very serious and credible allegations about the owner. I thought it shut down.
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  6. congruence

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    This is the worst thing I could have heard after asking but I am glad I asked. Time for me to drop out of that. I guess if anyone has any other knowledge of smaller places I could book a show at starting out in the local scene with only a few live performances under my belt?
  7. EarthShifts


    Things may have changed. I have taken a large step back from the local music scene so I am not as in the know anymore. I did find an article that they fired the guy who was accused, so maybe it's under new ownership. I'm not sure.
  8. wisdomfordebris

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    Does anyone in the area wanna buy an ableton push 2 for way less than I bought it for? Only powered on like 20 times when I was going through a break up and thought I’d have a go at music lol
  9. quietwords

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    Anyone's work offer them the Perq Commuter Program? Pros/cons?

    A potential new job offers it and I have NO IDEA how it works/cost. It would be a big change for me work/commute/lifewise.
  10. Serh

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