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    Is it just a coincidence that all three fests have Run the Jewels playing the same day?
  2. Richard

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    This year's festivals looked pretty promising, but a lot of fests really seem unable to fill the gaps and make the entire line-up actually cohesive. Primavera but their Sunday looks like its missing a headliner (which was supposedly Frank Ocean originally). Headliners are generally safe/good. The mid and undercards just seem a bit whack though.
  3. domotime2

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    Those are legit solid rock headliners.... but then the undercard aren't too inspiring.

    How much are single tickets. Day tickets
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  4. manoverboard365


    Must've spent most of their budget on Rage.

    The Sunday lineup is stacked, though, and I'm not even a RHCP fan. The 1975, Liam Gallagher, AVA and Phoebe in one day is magical.
  5. chris_williams67


    If anyone cares to see the MCR thing, it’s linked, apparently their announcing the US tour tomorrow with a confirmed Boston date

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  6. alkalinexandy

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    Interesting! That's an old logo, but I could see a festival using that on that line-up page if they don't have promo pictures yet or something.

    ...I'm not convinced they would be added to this. But if they are? That would swing me from saying it was "too expensive" from "shut up and take my money."
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  7. heymattrick

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    Every other MCR related announcement, festivals and otherwise, has used their new logo. So that would be really peculiar for them to use an old one (and not even their most recent ones, that’s from 2006-2008)
  8. Cmoney86


    They have a Boston date at td garden so I don’t think they will be added
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  9. cherrywaves


    This lineup stinks outside of like 5 acts, but one of those acts is RATM, so
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  10. Matt

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    $150 before tax for a single day GA ticket. What happened to this wonderful festival
  11. Cmoney86


    They have 3 really expensive headliners
  12. alkalinexandy

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    They're banking heavily on the headliners, and some of the subs each day to really drive sales. I think they're also assuming some people will go "just because they go every year."

    But I think I'm pretty squarely in the demo they're shooting for with the headliners and I just can't convince myself to pay ~$470 a ticket to show up at like, 4pm every day.

    I'd be lying if I said I recognized any act beyond the top three lines. Just can't be bothered. I'd rather give Riot Fest and the city of Chicago my money where I'm pretty confident I'll find something to watch every moment of the day that piques my interest and aligns with my ideals in a fairly legit way.

    BC really should have nixed the Chili Peppers and gone with somebody more current in the pop realm, and used the extra budget to flesh out the undercard with some more notable acts.

    I would say I'm out of touch, but I really don't feel like I'm the only one who feels that way?
  13. chris_williams67


    Definitely not the only one who feels that way, I’m going just because I love the experience and I can’t travel to riot fest or any other festival thats close to Mass. So just dealing with the whole bill
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  14. NJPunkMusic

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    Any idea when the single day passes go on sale and price? Im taking the 5 hour ride up to Boston with a few friends just to see Rage. Have been a rage fan since 95 and always so bummed that I missed them as I was only a freshman when they disbanded. I'll pay the $150 just to see them play and make it a fun memorial day weekend with my friends. I would love to see the Foos and RHCP's again as I have seen both acts like 15 years ago, but its not worth going three days just for those 3 bands. I wouldnt show up any day until like 6pm
  15. Matt

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    Single day tickets go on sale today at 10 AM
  16. Jason Tolpin


    $150 plus $30 fees each..... no thanks....
  17. NJPunkMusic

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    Price left a bad taste in my mouth too. But being a 36 year old adult I'm willing to shell $185 out to finally witness a band I have enjoyed for 25 years get back together and play. I'm only going Saturday and showing up at like 6pm.
    Foos and RHCP are good too, but I've witnessed them live before and would not pay that price again
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