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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by BackwardsDuck, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. drewinseries

    Drew @AndrewNCaruso fb/kingwildlands

    If Lord Huron and Pale Waves are same day I'm in, otherwise, nah.
  2. teel


    Lord Huron at Bottlerock on the 26th
  3. teel


  4. alkalinexandy

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    Well, now I'm just crossing my fingers for a Gang of Youths or Turnstile aftershow.
  5. Jason Tolpin


    Well.... I got nothing. Hope you all enjoy it!
  6. josh-

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    Going for turnstile then leaving
  7. alkalinexandy

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    If it helps you any, they're playing the Palladium on may 7th. Probably cheaper haha.
  8. Brent

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    Wow that is bad.
  9. manoverboard365


    Wow, Sunday has absolutely nothing for me. Saturday could be a fun day with Tame, Anderson, Hozier, King Princess and Mitski.
  10. J12


    There's usually enough on at least one day for me to give serious consideration to going (although I never wind up doing it - usually the bands I want to see are playing headlining dates closer to me in the same time period.) There isn't a single band I'd pay money to see this year. Not one.
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  11. alkalinexandy

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    Pay money to see? Or pay the amount they're asking for a single day ticket to see?

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Janelle Monae, Christine & the Queens, and Blackstar are all awesome. If you're going to be there anyway, I'd recommend seeing them at least.
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  13. BackwardsDuck


    Honestly I don't think the lineup is as bad as people are making it out to be. It's nothing fantastic but they're some solid acts in there. Really looking forward to Gang of Youths and Turnstile.
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  14. alkalinexandy

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    I mean, it's definitely not for me... But when you look at it? The line-up makes perfect sense. Both for the festival brand and what's popular in general at this point.

    It's an off-year for festival line-ups in terms of shit being mind-blowing.

    And this line-up is just... Not for me this year. And I can point directly to the acts that "took" the slots of others that would have been more up my alley haha. Hopefully I'm more aligned next year -- this is the first time in years I've had to find plans for Memorial Day weekend!
  15. J12


    Actually pay money to see. Just nothing for me this year, at all. I'm sure it'll do well (and that's good!), but there's definitely no consideration on my end this year. Totally agree with you - the line-up more or less makes sense and it should please their target market quite well.

    The only band on there I'd see would be Twenty One Pilots, more of curiosity than actual fandom. But, I definitely wouldn't travel out of Maine for them.
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  16. astereo

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    Plans have changed & I have to get rid of my Saturday pass if anyone is interested. Bought early ($100).
  17. alkalinexandy

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    Janelle Monae cancelled. Replaced with CHVRCHES.

    Between CHVRCHES, Turnstile, and Gang of Youths (with Lamont Price and Sam Jay as comedians that day)... Might get myself a 1-day pass for Friday if I can get one for cheap.
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  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    What is happening
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  19. BackwardsDuck


    Going all three days but soloing Friday if anyone wants to meet up! Here's who I plan on seeing each day:

    Pale Waves
    Gang of Youths
    Christie and the Queens
    Greta Van Fleet
    Twenty One Pilots

    White Reaper
    Denzel Curry
    Big Red Machine
    Anderson Paak
    Tame Impala

    Rainbow Kitten Surprise
    Sheck Wes
    Travis Scott