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    You gotta use that quote then sometime!
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    So assuming that this weekend...

    Definitely using it next week for the last week of school.
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    yo i hate when a movie has a scene where the characters are having a big fight and they fade the dialogue out and just play really sad music, like, what are they saying? I want to know? don't just play this sad music so I know it's supposed to be sad about it let me hear what they're saying and let me decide how I feel!

    That's my big complaint about this movie lol
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    I thought it enhanced the scene by putting the viewer in an out-of-body experience because this is the first time they came to blows and ended perfectly with only seeing Beenie mouth the words "fuck you!"
  5. That's one of the best scenes for me
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    I agree, that scene is not supposed to be about the dialogue as much. They give you enough of the conversation and by fading it out it allows you to kind of take in the whole scene, including everybody watching them in the background and people recording it and kind of gives a different gravity to the situation.
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    yeah I can see that I just also would of liked to know what they are saying lol
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    Most of the important dialogue had already been said at that point, so when the sound goes out it’s just showing that things have escalated into pure emotion and that the situation is out of control. Plus it also puts into perspective just how much they are in their own world and not paying attention to the fact that everyone is listening in. It’s just another layer of separation.
  9. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    I was going to write something about the argument scene and the dialogue fading out, but I think @EASheartsVinyl just absolutely nailed it. Terrific analysis.
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    I loved that scene. It totally feels like how it feels to get in a heated, emotional argument with someone you care about. I gotta catch this again in theaters.
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    Exactly this, especially with the camera work. Prob one of the top 3 parts of the movie.
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  15. Brother Beck Jun 8, 2019
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    I think it is wrong to consider this film a box office failure or even a box office disappointment. If anything, it could be used as an example of how crucial release strategies actually are, such as opening in select markets before going wide, or even just the old-school 'avoid going up against too many blockbusters' idea. It is never just as simple as getting a movie everyone who sees it seems to love onto as many screens as possible immediately, even if it kinda seems like it should be.

    I also know it is not as simple as a movie just needing to double it's budget, but it is a pretty easy rule of thumb for lay-people to use when thinking about this stuff, and this movie is close to tripling it's budget.

    Like Endgame has made an absolutely STAGGERING amount of money so far, but they have the budget for it listed as $356 million - that right there is a STAGGERING amount of money in and of itself.
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    Does that include marketing budget? The amount spent for marketing is about half of reported production budget.
  17. Brother Beck

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    I have no idea how those things actually work. Everything I have read / heard is that most studios and companies fudge the numbers for budgets down, and then fudge the numbers for grosses up, except for when it comes time to share back-end profits with actors and filmmakers and such, and then at that point no single film has ever made a profit ever.
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    Hollywood accounting - Wikipedia
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    Tried to go again today but couldn’t. This made me super happy, because this is a big ass room.

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    Thinking about going to see this again tomorrow. Only has one showtime a day around me now.
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    Sitting down for my 2nd viewing. It was gone from all the local movie chains. I had to go to my nearby indie theater.
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    Kinda wish this was a Q1 release
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    All of the examples in this article are hysterical, but this one is fucking PRICELESS:

    "The 2002 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding was considered hugely successful for an independent film, yet according to the studio, the film lost money.[16] Accordingly, the cast (with the exception of Nia Vardalos who had a separate deal) sued the studio for their part of the profits. The original producers of the film have sued Gold Circle Films due to Hollywood accounting practices because the studio has claimed the film, which cost less than $6 million to make and made over $350 million at the box office, lost $20 million."

    Movie cost $6 million to make, went on to earn $350 million at the box office yet it lost $20 million!!! HA!
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    After a week of thinking about it I like this movie more and more.
  25. Dog with a Blog

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    Finally saw this a couple days ago. I thought it was pretty ok. I mean, I enjoyed it enough but I certainly wasn’t wowed. A lot of the comedy didn’t work for me and I almost think I would have liked this story more as a drama? Cause even if I wasn’t laughing a lot, I did like the characters. One thing that really bothered me though was how in the third act they had to have the cliche comedy movie conflict between the two main characters only to work it out in the next scene. Not only that, but how many times can we see the whole, “you didn’t tell me you were going to ____” thing used as a source of conflict? It’s pretty lazy and old hat imo. That said, I’m pretty interested to see what Olivia Wilde does next because I found the direction to actually have some vision which is something you can’t say about a lot of comedies of this nature. Also, I really enjoyed Billie Lourde in this and would love to see her do some more comedic work.

    Edit: oh yeah and the Lyft scene with Jason Sudeikis was a highlight for me
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