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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by zmtr, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. yung_ting


    Thanks for the help y’all!
  2. Lucas27

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    Goodness gracious. Bruce Hornsby on "U" is perfection. Iconic piano playing.
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  3. Aaron Mook Moderator

    listened to For Emma last night and went back for seconds this morning and was greeted by two new singles. Not a bad way to find out!
  4. the rural juror

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    I love this news. I love these songs.
  5. I was tokin’ on dope
  6. Thank you for the morning whiplash after my double take at thinking he was hitting Cleveland again so soon, even though I had seen the dates already and knew it was Columbus
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  7. zmtr

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    shit sorry I just fixed it lol
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  8. CarpetElf

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  9. zmtr

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    Yeah she's on both of the singles. Seriously one of my favorite artists. BI is gonna end up being a super group
  10. zmtr

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    I'm just now watching the lyric video to "Hey, Ma" and it adds so much to an already great song..

    Vernon family home movies are something I never knew I needed
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  11. Tim

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    Nice. Dig both new songs, especially "U (Man Like)," & dig the album title. The direction of 22, A Million & this has been super refreshing after not being into BI,BI outside of the closer.

    Gonna listen through 22,AM & FE,FA today.
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  12. well HOT DAMN
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  13. phaynes12

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    hey ma is among his best. just wow. i’m not crazy about U but i’m sure it’ll grow on me
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    Just scrolling down the music forum and

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  15. imthesheriff

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    hey ma is so so good
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  16. ComedownMachine

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    Guess this is the 4th year in a row I’ll be seeing Bon Iver live
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  17. Really wish Feist was on the New York date
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  18. irthesteve

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    both these songs are great
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  19. yung_ting


    will trade you for Yo La Tengo
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  20. contra11mundum

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    High hopes for the Summerfest show. It will be my first time seeing him!

    EDIT: seeing him as Bon Iver. I’ve seen him with Volcano Choir before. One of the best shows I’ve been to.
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  21. zmtr

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    Finally listening with good headphones and the climax in Hey Ma gave me full body chills.
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  22. So ready for the next record. Songs are great
  23. yung_ting


    what if this just like surprise drops
  24. zmtr

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    someone that broke the news that they were recording in Texas also said that there was going to be a summer announcement with a fall release. i hope we get it earlier but they've been correct about everything else so far.
  25. zmtr

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