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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by zmtr, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. woweeee I love this description
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  2. JM95


    I'll probably be all about these in a couple of weeks.
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  3. travisred

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    I'm just excited to get that studio version of Naeem.
  4. Artdmg

    Onward, Progress, or so it seems

    Hey, Ma is my favorite of the new tracks but it's 4/4 for me at this point. Can't wait for this album.
  5. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    I comma I? that's how you pronounce it right?

    not a fan of 4 songs from the album *already* being in the public sphere so I'll hold off on listening to these two until the full record is out.
  6. jordalsh Prestigious

    in my head it's "aye aye!"
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  7. zmtr

    so what if i lose? i'm satisfied Supporter

  8. mattfreaksmeout

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    Love these new songs. I’m very hyped for the album.

    I don’t think the seasons thing is the end of Bon Iver. At most there will be a few years of a break, but I think it’s more just the closing of a chapter. Maybe really change the sound up for the next one or something
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  9. Dog Fish

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    At what point do you think JV decided to do the seasons theme? I doubt he was thinking about this in the cabin during fefa.
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  10. sean_rugy

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    WOWOWOW love these both so much
  11. Justin Roux

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    I bet Faith is gonna go OFF live the way 33, GOD does, I wish this next tour was coming closer :verysad::verysad:
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  12. sawhney[rusted]2

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    He probably decided after his fans started throwing out theories, then realized it made sense
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  13. zmtr

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    When it comes back towards the end it hits so fucking hard
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  14. zmtr

    so what if i lose? i'm satisfied Supporter

    I knew this would be out before Red Rocks. I'll be at the first show after the album release.. whoaaaaa buddy.
  15. sean_rugy

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    very into the album cover too
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  16. mattfreaksmeout

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    That’s exactly why I don’t buy it as the last. I really doubt this was the grand plan from the beginning and it’s more of a “hey it’s the 4th album you know what would be cool”
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  17. zmtr

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  18. Matt Chylak

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    Especially considering there's no way 22AM is summer.
  19. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Both of these songs are great but I think I actually prefer both the first singles over these two.
  20. zmtr

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    Mikey Noyce is back!!!!!! :verysad:
  21. seimagery

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    Waking up to this, thank you (April)based god.
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  22. zmtr

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    Also "Sh’diah" = Shittiest Day in American History

    feel like this album is gonna be pretty political
  23. jpmalone4

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    I think it's possible he intended a seasonal tetra-logy. I still think the Blood Bank EP is seasonal-ish, with the songs in order going winter -> fall.
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  24. jorbjorb

    Trash Boy

    damn this is sick.
  25. zmtr

    so what if i lose? i'm satisfied Supporter

    Some high fucking praise from a fellow genius