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Bon Iver Announces New Album; Streams Two New Songs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Bon Iver will release i,i on August 30th. Today they’ve shared the new songs “Faith” and “Jelmore” and pre-orders for the new album are now up.


    Track Listing

    1. Yi
    2. iMi
    3. We
    4. Holyfields,
    5. Hey, Ma
    6. U (Man Like)
    7. Naeem
    8. Jelmore
    9. Faith
    10. Marion
    11. Salem
    12. Sh’Diah
    13. RABi

  2. Ska Senanake


    YES!!! All the new songs are pretty fantastic. Justin is a genius.
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  3. KyleK

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    22 a million was an ambitious album that didn't land for me, but these I really like!
  4. Frank Lapidus

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    I am more than ready for a "fall" Bon Iver record. New songs sound great - a culmination of all the many soundscapes from the first three records all rolled into one with some new influences. Fantastic.
  5. daldalian

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    So stoked for this. I really loved the last two albums and I'm pretty surprised we're getting another what feels like so quickly.
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  6. serotonin

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    Tracklisting is definitely a Bon Iver tracklisting! I'd like to point out that when the first two songs were posted I said:

    Looks like I was close since the album is called I,I! Now we have the sophomore album BI BI and now BI I,I! I'm liking these tracks a lot and I'm excited for the album. I'll actually be taking a trip to Denver in Sept and I'm going to pay some exorbitant aftermarket prices to see Bon Iver at Red Rocks three days after release despite living in the same town as him. Love the collaborations they have going on with these tracks.
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  7. heymynameisjoe

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    faith is sooooo dope
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  8. Bartek T.

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    13 songs, that makes me happy!