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Blonde (Andrew Dominik, Netflix) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by joe727, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. joe727

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    Director Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Chopper, Killing Them Softly) recently confirmed that his long in development Marilyn Monroe biopic "Blonde" based on the biography of the same name is finally getting made with Netflix picking it up.

    The film will see a limited release in theatres and be added to the streaming service.

    Dominik has said he's already cast an actress to play Marilyn Monroe but won't announce who it is yet. He also hinted that filming starts in January so I can assume we'll probably see a 2018 release, late 2017 at the very earliest.
  2. brandon_260

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    This wait has been forever. Hope it ends up better than Killing Them Softly (though I do recall liking that a bit upon release).
  3. ItsAndrew

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  4. Morrissey


    This is who Andrew Dominik is. What were they expecting considering his entire career?
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  5. HeckYeahMatt

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    I'm expecting a Lynchian nightmare based off the description above.
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  6. Serh

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  7. phaynes12 Prestigious

    i will watch this
  8. Serh

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    trailer tomorrow
  9. devenstonow


  10. phaynes12 Prestigious

    she really can't shake the accent huh

    still wanna see this for the spectacle/Dominick/i still like ADA despite appearing miscast but this looks like a bit of a mess
  11. JoshIsMediocre

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    It definitely *looks* interesting
  12. phaynes12 Prestigious

    he's a great visual storyteller. just not a great actual storyteller, at least outside of jesse james
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  13. soggytime


    It's very funny how furious Netflix is about how this movie turned out. It's probably good and they have no idea what they have.
  14. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Are there sources that Netflix hates this movie other than that instastory? the "gratuitous nudity" part has already been debunked.

    The accent is off, and I'm not surprised. But I trust Dominik and I liked the trailer
  15. devenstonow Jul 28, 2022
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  16. SpyKi Jul 28, 2022
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    As someone who doesn't really care about historical accuracy and really likes Ana de Armas, I'm kinda glad the accent is still there.
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  17. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  18. JoshIsMediocre

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  19. devenstonow


    Seeing this tomorrow, anyone else catching this this weekend?

    I had an option to buy a child's ticket (and it's the same price as a regular ticket) and kinda wanted to do it just to see what would happen
  20. JoshIsMediocre

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    You will go to jail
  21. flask

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    Nicole Kidman will ban you from ever watching movies again
  22. Zilla

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    You’ll never know in what place heartbreak feels good.
  23. devenstonow


    ha shows you AMC won't touch this movie with a stick, it's a Landmark

    which I haven't been to in a while but the last time I was there I think it was Matthew McConnaughey?
  24. devenstonow Sep 24, 2022
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    This was so phenomenal and certainly a spectacle

    It's a shame so few people will see it on a big screen, this is so beautifully shot. There's fun toying with aspect ratios but (not a plot spoiler) I wish the default aspect ratio wasn't 4:3, there are so many really really great widescreen shots

    Nick Cave and Warren Ellis unsurprisingly deliver big time.

    I stopped noticing the accent halfway through. The first half overall was ok, but once Arthur Miller shows up it becomes a cerebral adrenaline rush of a fever dream and shows why auteurs need to make more biopics.

    a lot of the criticism is also dumb and hysterical (especially that article about the "grotesque" CGI fetus. It looks like every other fetus I've seen in movies)
  25. HeckYeahMatt

    Not Big Chungus

    Saw this at a packed screening today. Had to drive to the only theater playing it in South Florida!

    9/10 film. Think Chinatown meets Mulholland Drive. That last hour is VERY Lynchian.

    a harrowing watch - viewing experience reminded me a lot of when I saw Blue Valentine for the first time.
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